• dj darragh O'Connell 3 months ago

    Can you claim more Minecraft murder mystery please

  • RED NINJA 3 months ago

    I got fire merch for christmas lol i love it

  • LucyPlayz 3 months ago

    Mending is an enchantment for a tool whenever you get experience it heals your weapon or tool

  • D Dubs 3 months ago

    u had to kill the villager to make the iron golem mad

  • Grant Dossett 3 months ago

    Are you going to minefaire in ST. Paul in MN

  • Vivian Tran 3 months ago

    I fuking hate rob

  • Brian Orr 3 months ago

    the room may have had something extra

  • DaRealZixin PlayzMC 3 months ago

    its Xmas like almost 7 pm y is there no new vid??!?!?!

  • rosetta star 3 months ago

    On the twenty fourth day of the advent calendar Poofless gave to us,
    10 dumb ways to die,
    A really long parkour map,
    Playing as a snowman,
    Hide and seek with Lachlan,
    Minecraft TNT wars,
    Surviving on a cube,
    A 1v1 parkour race,
    Zombies vs Poofless,
    A mix with saving Christmas,
    Finding Minecraft glitches,
    Speedy rainbow running,
    Mitch and lucky block walls,
    Try not to take damage,
    Preston finding presents,
    Very unfair Minecraft,
    More epic trolling,
    The creator and a death run,
    Shooting iron golems,
    Excitement in a dropper,
    Look I鈥檝e found the button,
    Can you spot the difference,
    Banter in a spleef game,
    And 2 youtubers trolling each other in parkour!
    Tune in to the next video for the next verse!

  • Esther Keeswood 3 months ago

    dont worry i died by ummmm… drowning??? okay i hardly die 馃構馃構馃構馃構馃構

  • ivy kephart 3 months ago

    i am santa good luck and HAPPY XMAS MERRY NE YEARlol

  • penti sekarasih 3 months ago

  • Derek Zhao 3 months ago

    that also means he deserves coal and trash

  • MC Violation 27 [YOU ARE UNDER PUNISHMENT] 3 months ago

    Guy: Take Caution, Built Iron Golems do not hurt you if you punch them.
    Noob: Wut abutt vlagrrs
    Guy: 0.0 Hold on I need 2 test…

  • Gezza Vala 3 months ago

    #unsub to shot

  • Gezza Vala 3 months ago

    #sub to preston

  • Daniel Normark 3 months ago

    Book of mending repairs a tool as it earns xp

  • FlamingIsHere 3 months ago


  • ItsEmberWolf 3 months ago

    preston your always playing with people with wierd mouthed skins

  • Andika Putra 3 months ago

    Mending is a

  • Andika Putra 3 months ago

    Mending effect is each time you get xp the enchanted stuff will repair it self

  • IJGAMER TV 3 months ago

    Hey preston im a big fan of you keely caleb and josh papafrags mamafrags and im just 12 and a big fan Merry Christmas and God bless preston

  • Maddox Wittebort 3 months ago

    The rotten flesh isn鈥檛 poison it鈥檚 hunger

  • Hellfire 3 months ago

    Mending makes it so instead of getting xp you get durability

  • Maddox Wittebort 3 months ago

    And mending books fix ur tools and armor by xp

  • redstone _master 3 months ago

    Could you play fortnite

  • MRpenguin MC 3 months ago

    Can people please sub to me I鈥檓 new

  • ImpaledOsprey88 -Minecraft 3 months ago

    Mending for when you get exp orb, your durability will increase

  • makeitezr93 3 months ago

    Literally no hate towards them but you鈥檇 think these 鈥減ros鈥 at Minecraft would know a little something about the actual game lol mending isn鈥檛 even New anymore haha (I already know I鈥檓 gonna get hate comments)

  • Jen Jen QWERTYUIOP ? 3 months ago

    Wolfess is a noob at parkour and a bad guy

  • Penguin_ninja 3 months ago

    Hit the villager and the golem will kill you

  • Christian Camartin 3 months ago

    This is the only time I saw people be happy to die 馃槀

  • YaMama TV 3 months ago


  • Karim Ahmad 3 months ago

    I subscribed

  • Levonna Brown 3 months ago

    I want to see another Nightmare Find the Button with the Pac, k not included

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