How To Minecraft Season 4. An SMP series.





  • Lachlan Dyzak 10 months ago

    U shouldn’t give him money ur stupid

  • Myname'sWill 10 months ago

    “I guess they have to grow up before you can start riding them” ~ Vikkstar 2k17 after his OG mc days being called a paedophile. I guess he finally figured it out lol.

  • Toxicspill6122 MC 10 months ago

    No knockback hack ??😂

  • Naminel 10 months ago

    Honestly this was so boring

  • Aiden Da bomb 10 months ago

    Do vr h4m episode

  • Ryan Hammond 10 months ago

    Love how vikk says rob needs the money, after that hunger games he has over 200k lol. Vikk needs a sustainable money source. He does have ig but that will porbably be nerfed

  • Jessica Pierre 10 months ago

    Vikk Rob just made a episode talking about getting my gear ready for war be ready to save Lachlans but.Like so vikk can see.#VIKK IS THE BEST TUBER EVER!>:)

  • Osbaldo Reyes 10 months ago

    Are you in the pack vik

  • Emma Bradberry 10 months ago

    You should do another event like this but use Mumble

  • DailyKillerVlogs 10 months ago

    Vik, Can you please make a money making episode, you are really poor.

  • Reflex Gaming 10 months ago

    Vik please do how to minecraft 5 a month after how to minecraft 4 is finished please everyone likes this series!

  • CROOSBONE PLAYS 10 months ago

    vikk u suck at pvp

  • Britboy1 Gaming 10 months ago

    Vikk u suck

  • Jacob Busuttil 10 months ago


  • Ethan Ricardo 10 months ago

    Love how he acknowledges how much damage robs bow did and still decided to bow fight

  • Ethan Ricardo 10 months ago

    Falling damage gave u away dummy

  • Ethan Ricardo 10 months ago

    stands next to lit tnt

  • Ashvin Vinothan 10 months ago

    you suck

  • John Wheeler 10 months ago

    Horse racetrack please. With a viewing area and a betting booth. 🙂

  • Lavender Bleach 10 months ago

    When you’re on fire you don’t take knock back. Like so vikk can see

  • Battsooj Demberel 10 months ago

    worst episode ever

  • Griffin Beveridge 10 months ago

    46:24 vikk took a fishing rod “episode like #10 Lachlan says(fishing rods are for fishing) so could you fish for like diamond stuff

  • Hope Archer 10 months ago

    Why doesn’t dan tdm do this series

  • Ronak K 10 months ago

    at least you won

  • yugimon 15 10 months ago

    hmmm.i wonder what this potion called “regeneration” does maybe it gives me night vision

  • TheNeos569 10 months ago

    vik make a bank

  • KB4-games,vlogs & more 10 months ago


    There’s to many spoilers in this comment section

  • Au Auto 10 months ago

    Now rob is rich take back the 31k:)

  • STARLIGHT DREAMS 10 months ago

    Am I the only one who wants to see another war type thing go on , but doesn’t involve the whole server just people like Lachlan, speedy, side, Pete , rob you get what I mean

  • Cj Jones 10 months ago

    lol what would you do if the horse that ate the ‘fancy pants token’ carrot was wearing gold leggings next episode?

  • CHRISTOPHER PARKER 10 months ago


  • MrBubbles022 10 months ago

    You and rob should make a vault and the keys are flowers

  • kяegex 10 months ago

    Vikk as soon as you set rob on fire, you should’ve meleed. Bow spamming when not full charged only deals like 1 heart whilst he’s combo’ng you backwards.

  • alan mendoza 10 months ago

    Literally the most stupid youtuber

  • Cort Winningham 10 months ago

    wow Poor Vikk is going to be staying poor for longer too bad

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