• egamerx play 1 week ago

    They have some bug

  • Jonathan Dubinsky 1 week ago

    Hey man, been a subscriber for a long time, and I’m not someone to detest change, but I am not interested in watching videos about command blocks, hacks, and datapacks. I’ve loved to see how successful you have gotten, and I loved videos like THE WALL and your story of how you got your name, but i wish you luck on your endeavours. today I’m going to unsub. Thank you for being a content creator

  • Itay Cohen 1 week ago

    Love your channel logdotzip

  • TUC - Kaan Karaayan 1 week ago

    1:59 – 69

  • Davidawesomedude//DavidPlays 1 week ago

    Mr. Loggy… Why do you look red?

  • TheProGamer Boy ll 1 week ago

    9:16 WOOD you please stop it.

  • Egor Yakovlev 1 week ago

    where do you get the updates

  • adam elkouz 1 week ago

    Stole the stairs from redit

  • Five nights at Freddys undertail 1 week ago

    W O O D

  • Zenepe Voci 1 week ago


  • mr vrom 1 week ago

    I just noticed his level is 69!!!1!!!1!!!1!!!!!!!111!!!

  • Danol123 1 week ago

    Why did they remove the craftable horse—armour anyways??? I remember i could craft them when i got the newest version, but ever since the third update after horsearmoyrcwas released i couldn’t anymore. That’s just stupid.

  • Twitch.Tv/Craft 1 week ago

    Do a Tutorial please 😀

  • Janne Stavdahl 1 week ago


  • Cupguy 1 week ago

    Plz do a video on how to download these because they didn’t work for me

  • Azzarinne 1 week ago

    //shares on server’s staff chat// >.>

  • Neelus 1 week ago

    I’m just wondering, when the new update releases, will this ruin my realms world? Because of the new world generation

  • Eyal Levy 1 week ago

    I hate the new module of the horse in 1.13 snaps

  • eli sha 1 week ago

    Can you do who’s your daddy again? PLEASE!!!

  • JP ElectroFlame 1 week ago

    Are these available for Bedrock?

  • Colin Greenwood 1 week ago

    More datapacks!!!!!

  • Stjepan Pesa 1 week ago


  • Dope Lama 1 week ago

    ‘ I say neigh’ that just made my day ten times better cos it’s been pretty crap

  • I subscribe

  • Sky 5 1 week ago

    He’ll ya

  • Dowd Productions 1 week ago

    I had my SATs today and you certainly cheered me up:)

  • Bookworm 123 1 week ago

    How do you add the add ons?

  • Alma Rakel Karlsdóttir 1 week ago

    How nit you get ðis mod’s

  • Mari Chapala 6 days ago

    Can you get add ons / data packs on Xbox 360?

  • Vaguin Ramos 6 days ago


  • gen eng 6 days ago

    Can you put structure or command blocks in the brick bookshelf?

  • Looloololpop Playz 6 days ago

    Lol at 11:02 he said “That looks Sharp” when he put the swords on the shelf

  • AbdAllah B 6 days ago

    More data packs or whatever its called please.

  • Trey Corthell 6 days ago

    Somehow the datapacks are not working

  • hocsy pocsy 6 days ago


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