• Aaron Bell 4 weeks ago

    Can u do some battledome with other people and other mods

  • Snipermaniac2626 4 weeks ago

    Jerome can you do age of empires again as I enjoyed the last one

  • Observer N 4 weeks ago

    *Let it be known that the tittle use to be 2v2v2 instead of 50v50v50*

  • BMNPlayZ 4 weeks ago


  • fofo foyo 4 weeks ago

    the girl

  • Stephen Pemberton 4 weeks ago

    What happened to Andrew?

  • Jeremy Karsten 4 weeks ago

    Jerome, play superhero tycoon it got a new superhero, it’s black panther

  • Kristin Vermazen 4 weeks ago


  • Kristin Vermazen 4 weeks ago


  • Darthpiggy Bro 4 weeks ago

    Love your videos Jerome

  • Alexander Elderhorst 4 weeks ago

    Jerome: where’d you even get all this blood from?
    Me: OH HELLLOO THERE! I am the blood merchant!

  • Daniel Zirkle 3 weeks ago


  • Gabriela Chis 3 weeks ago

    Lollolololo so many bens in chat

  • Chewydrake 355 3 weeks ago

    Jerome may i say you smell nice today sadly the same thing could not be said for Ben

  • Rishon Shah 3 weeks ago

    Who remembers baccha butt shampoo

  • SkyLight Gaming 3 weeks ago

    mine craft is dead

  • Chewydrake 355 3 weeks ago

    Riot (continues)

  • Zach Salemi 3 weeks ago


  • Kellie Wilson 3 weeks ago


  • Kym Harvey 3 weeks ago

    hi jeromeASF i love your channel!!!!!!

  • malicka bruyninckx 3 weeks ago

    u scared me!

  • Owx _ Reaper 3 weeks ago

    32:02 lol

  • Meken 3 weeks ago

    i wish that they can do survaival islands again but with a twist the next time if you jerome want to know the twist need to messege me on my email lol

  • Crimson Maker TCG 3 weeks ago

    Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and Ben and Jerry’s team

  • Robinator 1103 3 weeks ago

    Anybody else notice that Ben had where you could buy dark matter for 17 diamonds?

  • Nicholas Klos 3 weeks ago

    Im rooting for a tornado to come in and ruin the fight

  • Wolf 3326 3 weeks ago

    I’m going to Washington DC for Memorial Day

  • Not Your Average Biscuit 3 weeks ago

    Where’d tewty go?

  • Karla Kyweriga 3 weeks ago


  • Jesus Espinoza 3 weeks ago


  • CHRISTINA NGUYEN 3 weeks ago

    Omg at 19:12 he did the “sunshine of your love song” I played it at one of my concerts

  • Emily Schommer 3 weeks ago


  • Robert Jackson 3 weeks ago


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