• Arberie Fazliu 11 months ago

    I will be in the office today and tomorrow and let you know if I will be able to get to the office today but I will be there for rent in hf for the meeting with the team and I will be there for sure I will be in touch soon to think about it and let me know if you have any other questions please feel free to contact me at any time if you want to get the kids to get the interview on the best of my knowledge I have any questions I can answer

  • Kine Tell 11 months ago

    i want to see more of this

  • megakaijie108 gaming 11 months ago

    Lizzie! You don’t need to collect bones for the army of wolves, you can just breed the two you already have.( I’m using my brothers account!)

  • joby chacko 11 months ago

    maybe you should cover the gap next to the chest.

  • Millie H-B XOXO 11 months ago

    You should build a pinnacle for mr bones to live in like if you agree

  • Maddison-hope Birkett 11 months ago

    it will start to spawn chickens

  • Tillie Woodhouse 11 months ago

    Hay liz I don’t rial like the idea of putting the bangers on the window sorry 😟 ps could you name a wolf Millie pleas☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

  • Pinky pie 11 months ago


  • Rosa Villalobos 11 months ago

    idk if u would like this Lizzy u should put glowstone on the back of the angel wings so u could fewer torches in the area like if u agree!!

  • Patricia Matsumoto 11 months ago

    you should have a dimond invanced sword 😀

  • Adrianna Garcia 11 months ago

    Lizzie if you have full obsidian armor the thorns won’t hurt you only when you break it.

  • 승연 11 months ago

    Make iron golems and let them roam around in the gate so they protect you from the mobs.

  • Joanna Pytka 11 months ago

    Lizzie this is a Q and A question do you like yellow and i have an idea…if you get enough bones you can make bone blocks so you can make a house for Mr.Boney!

  • Julie Marie 11 months ago

    I love you so much Lizzie. You cheer me up even when I’m sad and anxious. You bright up my day <3 :3 (You probably won't read this, but I really hope you do..)

  • Olivia Rea 11 months ago

    Lizzie you should get a zombie horse and name him Mr rotten flesh

  • Lilly Lay 11 months ago

    You could make a dungeon and hang the pirate banners around it because you might need a dungeon you never know.

  • Youaremysunshine ! 11 months ago

    Lizzie to save yourself from mobs coming in through the gates you leave open just put pressure plates😀

  • IGalaxyMuffinI 11 months ago

    Are you still doing the mod??????

  • DitIsTristan 11 months ago

    hey pink Fairy! check iff there is a mermaid mob and get it as a pet! it’ll fit so well with ur mermaid theme!
    it’ll be very sad iff there were no mermaids mobs ;-;

  • Shadow Wolf 11 months ago

    Make a picnic table near the fairy tree area

  • kaloerov gippokrat 11 months ago

    lizzie you shpuld build a mermaid up on your house so it can be a mermaid theame love you 😍😍

  • Saule Dobrovolske 11 months ago

    put “Punji sticks ” around your house when the mobs come the sticks they start deing…😀😀😀 P.S. I LOVE YOU LIZZIE I NAMED MY PET LIZZIE IT REMINDES ME OF YOU BECOUS ITS PINK😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Joe Burgoyne 11 months ago

    Lizzie you need a cat!

  • 벨뷰 벨뷰 11 months ago

    get advanced diamond sword:) and build a sandcastle for mr boney and joey

  • Unity Dean 11 months ago

    Hay Lizzie would you please play more one live please I love it

  • Unity Dean 11 months ago

    And mabye could you please put all you chest down stairs only because that look quite bad so yeah and bye the way love you lizzie

  • Javi Exavier 11 months ago

    why u so hot and sub to javi exavier plz just started we do gaming and ill sub u

  • Zuhrah Moopin 11 months ago

    Hey Lizzie you should put a little sand castle near your little beach

  • Unity Dean 11 months ago

    And you could make it a beautiful colour

  • Unity Dean 11 months ago

    For the dog house so it’s not a brown colour

  • Unity Dean 11 months ago

    And like you could make a

  • Unity Dean 11 months ago

    But a pink color

  • Unity Dean 11 months ago


  • MillieParis 11 months ago

    Okay I low this is another comment, but you should really play this game called bendy and the ink machine! It is a horror game, but it’s very fun o watch people play it! And your my fav youtuber… soooo it’s my new life goal

  • Unity Dean 11 months ago

    And you can make a table

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