• Stroke My Gecko 11 months ago

    All vik fanboys salty in the chat lol it’s just a game.

  • Keaton L 11 months ago

    “Well the villager is open to the public.”
    Yep completely public. Ya know, in viks house.

  • Brunt Penguin 11 months ago

    Ken just fvcking get a Villager dont use other ones you dick

  • Shylah Harwood 11 months ago

    You should make a barn for the cows,chickens and also get pigs

  • wanderlust 11 months ago

    kenny used his own emeralds and ended up returning the chestplate but he still trespassed and traded with vikk’s villager. kenny should have made a compromise or a trade instead of going to vikk’s house when he’s offline. kenny obviously made a mistake but tbh, everyone has.
    i like watching vikk’s videos and i’m a fan but some of his fans need to relax. kenny made a mistake and he put the chestplate back. he’s not going to get away with trespassing but at least he owned up to his mistake.

  • Omar Ayass 11 months ago

    Vikk is mad
    Return the chestplate

  • VolPix Dark 11 months ago

    Fuck you kenny you peace of shit get your own diamond chestplate you twat quit the series you melon

  • Dude i liked kenny before but these past episodes are jaggggyyy

  • erik panitiya gamer 11 months ago

    Kenny vikk wanna kill Rob because vikk diamond chesplate have been stolen

  • Kenny, i really enjoyed watching your series and all old H2M’s season but in H4M your just a little asshole:’) your doing most of it to get profit and views.. where is the old kenny? lying, beefing, abusing like you can fight with vik but stop abusing shit.. go do your own work, please stop^^

  • Iambrendo Games 11 months ago

    Were definitly not going to tell Vick where the chest is

  • alex wilson 11 months ago

    Oh god it’s like Landon and porygonz all over again

  • HARVEY ZHANG 11 months ago

    Give it back or pay him….

  • Terror Scythe 11 months ago

    Kenny I suggest you give back the chest plate you traded with the villager. vikks spends hours and hours to get the armorer and you just traded it in just a sec ya seemed legit men totally not cool (STOP TAKING ADVANTAGES FROM VIKK)

  • DBFunds 11 months ago

    Stop giving hate its just a game

  • B0w Sh0ts 11 months ago

    Kenny dead for sure

  • Ninja Of Water 11 months ago

    dude Vikk declined a 50k offer to use his villagers now you go hide is the chesplate in your house ?Β and i see people saying Lol salty vikk fans . welp im pretty sure you kenny fans wouldn`t be happy if he lost all his items and vikk took them πŸ˜€

  • Siddharth Ghanta 11 months ago

    The funny thing is Kenny grinds so much, he has like 2 stacks od diamonds, he could probably have gotten a diamond chestplate some other way, he didn’t have to exploit Vikk’s villagers. It wasn’t some horrendous act, but he even said in his vid title that he was abusing the villagers. And for all those ppl who are going to comment about “the salt”, don”t. Vikk prob spent like 2-3 hours getting that villager, and Kenny spent less then 5 seconds to exploit it

  • kostas 791 11 months ago


  • TheWeirdCow 11 months ago

    All this hate….

    for a diamond chestplate….

    and for an entity…

    I have lost faith in humanity

  • Obaidullah TheGamer 11 months ago

    I will tell vikk now that you used it

  • Corey Cridland 11 months ago

    The thing is i like kenny, but what he did was just plan rude. Imagine how salty he would be if he worked so hard bringing a village back to life and proceeding to make a villager spawner and took time to get the perfect villagers for trading and then starting a stream early because you had dinner plans to be social irl and coming back to find out he used your villager to get op gear when you earned it yourself and strictly said they are only for sale for a high price…. i rest me case

  • Rosy NR 11 months ago

    Respect for giving back the diamond chest Kenny

  • Just Dam 11 months ago

    kenny is just selfish kills vik one of the episods for no reason and take his villager trade of diamond chestplate. Grow up man

  • Just Dam 11 months ago

    you lied to vikk also

  • THE_SWAGICAL_KID 11 months ago

    Sorry kenny but i had to leave a dislike on this vid for using vikks villagers and not asking still love you tho <3

  • DERPY_SQUID_GAMING 123 11 months ago

    I really like Kenny, but as people are saying, Vikk worked hard to get him. Then, people literally offered him 50k for a chest plate and he turned it down. So what do you think he’s gonna say to someone taking one without asking and without paying. It was a bad move Kenny, and for your safety, I would return it. Then if Vikk offers you a deal of some sorts take it. But you can’t be dishonest. And if you were the one who took credit for the one returned plate and it was Rob who gave it back, then I’m gonna be a lot more mad then this.

  • Everlasting 11 months ago

    2 times in a row ur being a fucking snake first time when u dueled vikk and killed him again but fine u returned his items but this time ur doing something wrong DUDE -_-

  • Honestly you’re acting like a prick to get views

  • Jay MD 11 months ago

    I subbed

  • Maruf Ahmed 11 months ago


  • TheAllanGaming 11 months ago

    Kenny is fucking dick

  • DId you steal vikks “mitch nips” or did you take is a reward for killing him?

  • yugimon 15 11 months ago

    skywars with bea

  • Noah Myles 11 months ago

    Same amount of dislikes as likes, I wonder why?

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