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  • Jawzlyn Simpson 4 weeks ago

    #for the w

  • StarNightdoesgaming 1615 4 weeks ago

    Congrats you earn a sub by reacting to his video 😋😋😋

  • ALEX TOVAR 4 weeks ago

    Sec 00.46 my emotions my emotions put pause

  • Nicole's Channel 4 weeks ago

    hahahahaha i love the vid

  • JovannMC 4 weeks ago

    3:06 I thought paused the video xD

  • Owen Geever 4 weeks ago

    called dispensers

  • Chris 4 weeks ago

    rage watch mr fudge monkeyz anoying villagers

  • Darian Amin 4 weeks ago

    I love these anamaitions

  • Lisa Elle Harris 4 weeks ago

    You are a great YouTube

  • DjordjeTheMaker 4 weeks ago

    Skip at 0:15

  • Curiousguy09 4 weeks ago

    Where the green guy respawned was where orange met all the other stickmans

  • Stanley T the gamer 4 weeks ago

    Orange and yellow we’re getting in paled by like a dozen of snow guys…

  • Abdul Dawood 4 weeks ago

    hey i love these animations

  • Daniel Nicholson 4 weeks ago

    Alsome make othet

  • Daniel Nicholson 4 weeks ago


  • TheyCallMeCoolGuy 4 weeks ago

    Who else has has a splinter that’s stuck and crying and those moms trying to get it it out to it’s a needle and watching this to pass the time and make it hurt less anyone anyone

  • Kody Boone 4 weeks ago

    That was amazing watch another one

  • MC Gamer and Vloger Brian Fernandez 4 weeks ago

    Rage there is captions so u nkow what they are saying

  • MC Gamer and Vloger Brian Fernandez 4 weeks ago

    animation vs minecraft(original) name of the video pls react

  • FredbearGlichGamer 4 weeks ago

    So ur name is *RAGE*Elixir… So do u rage alot?

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  • Tsumiki Miniwa 4 weeks ago

    #Sub4Rage #R.I.PGreen ( XDDDDD )

  • ประทีป โรจนพิศ 4 weeks ago

    I was the 13k to ever watched it…lol

  • JORIK LEBUNA 4 weeks ago

    Me I love your video s and Alan Becker I sub to him and liked every video and I sub to you and liked to you

  • Jonnah Mae Pacquiao 4 weeks ago

    hey rage do have gta 5

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  • ZaneSilver YT 4 weeks ago


  • ZaneSilver YT 4 weeks ago

    Hey rage your name is Gary or what Gary like Spongebob cat name ha

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  • Shaam Allie 4 weeks ago

    animations are cools

  • Dashka Vlog maker 4 weeks ago

    Hey i am copying you nooo whaai plaz aaaah wtf whaaat wow lol hahahaahahahahahahahhafhwvsisvejdgsjdbjdbsdhd

  • BLUE BOY 4 weeks ago

    Hey this video is create by alan becker

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