• narmi prazy 2 months ago

    the bill

  • Golden Wolf 2 months ago


  • Shadowolf Shadow 2 months ago

    I mis thos seriese and im fanally back watching it

  • MrMhine0910 2 months ago

    poopy penguin im telling my lord aka kraken

  • Marius Jilary Saculinggan 2 months ago

    Cody where is the cute sharkdog hatchimal?

  • Kyle felipe Dasilva 2 months ago

    Fatha? Iz that you?

  • Dusty Dremurr 2 months ago

    i want these mods TT

  • Virginia Crudo 2 months ago


  • Virginia Crudo 2 months ago

    More plz!!!!

  • Johnjo brandi 2 months ago

    Did any buddy see the red flash at 13:07

  • kraken lord 2 months ago

    that was awersome i been wating ages to seen a god

  • Hunter Horizon 2 months ago

    Joe should see him

  • Crescentpaws5000Wolfpaws 2 months ago

    Ö my kings – alpha crescent 2018

  • Crescentpaws5000Wolfpaws 2 months ago


  • Gabriele Gramauskaite 1 month ago

    Caudi ju or culest on de vorld

  • Dragongem23 1 month ago

    *shivers* poisiodion is creepy

  • Camron Wherrell 1 month ago

    Cody please I will fight with you can I be nemo ok Poseidon will spawn me and I will help that all the troops up and there be a massive Army that’s all I will be controlling and I will set them up on different spot of the Atlanta and it will be an ultimate trap I will get Joe Buzz on all four sides of Atlantis I will put 30 on all 4 sides and 20 at the market than wine 300 Atlantean troops wood attack near the Thrones

  • Camron Wherrell 1 month ago


  • Camron Wherrell 1 month ago

    Everyone keep saying yes to Cody about my comment

  • Camron Wherrell 1 month ago

    Please please please you can do it

  • Camron Wherrell 1 month ago

    Come on

  • Ivan Basurto 1 month ago


  • GlitchReaper 1 month ago

    Dream or not a dream? That is the question! Well that and I’m wondering why you’re worried about rations when the ocean is full of good food. #atlantismysteries

  • Jin Lin 1 month ago

    Random guy: CODY I AM YOUR FATHER
    Cody: NOOOOOO

  • Nerdy Games 1 month ago

    How does one join the undertow? I know I asked this before but I cannot find the vid I asked it on

  • Hardtale Sans 1 month ago

    Released on my birthday to

  • Kol nation Vlogs time 1 month ago

    Codey it would be so nice if u made more Atlantis episodes instead of games

  • Syamiel Hakimi 1 month ago

    Good videos

  • TheGaming Pokemon 1 month ago

    Cody Cody Cody stop talking to NPC’s

  • Jordan Freshboy Junius Marvules 1 month ago


  • Jordan Freshboy Junius Marvules 1 month ago

    You know you have 2 other siblings cause possieden had 2 other children triton and athena

  • Alyse Coleman 1 month ago

    Will cody fight abd kill kraken agin keep him prisoner

  • Joey Marconi 1 month ago

    Your father is not real I might be kraken kid and Cody ware is Joe bus ?!?!?!?

  • EvilOrcard - 1 month ago

    All hail posiden

  • Peace Pooch 1 month ago


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