• cristheplayer cruz 6 months ago

    What…why did you steal sabre channel

  • Nephilim 39 6 months ago

    Please name him something like Aquarius or Neptune or something more intellectuel then Sea Monkey.

  • diamond awsome 6 months ago

    oh my god!!! new episode!!!

  • Samuel Ackereizen 6 months ago

    I think the water hero’s name should be gyser

  • diamond awsome 6 months ago


  • Samuel Ackereizen 6 months ago

    Leave a Like if you like the name gyser

  • lynne nixon 6 months ago

    lol he didnteven say his name and they new it blopper

  • shauna kincak 6 months ago

    I think this episode is cool you guys should do more videos like this and can you guys hurry up a little because I really want to see more of the story

  • shadow demon 6 months ago

    I think water monkey should be called H2O or water angel

  • Walther Wulff-Hansen 6 months ago

    Whats the Mod or something???

  • Alex Schwarzenegger 6 months ago

    Name suggestions


  • tobi_gud_boi 6 months ago

    avatar plug in lol

  • NoSleep24/7 6 months ago

    Your superhero name should be aquamarine, it would be cool if you call yourself that

  • Hunter Dunn 6 months ago

    Do more videos

  • Hunter Dunn 6 months ago

    Which are superheros

  • Dinosaur Island 6 months ago


  • Wolf Mike 6 months ago

    Spency how about water dragon

  • Alexander Becker 6 months ago

    i relized something about glorys and magmas glasses

  • Merkman15 1 6 months ago

    dude this series is awesome!

  • Merkman15 1 6 months ago

    im just spitballing but im pretty sure his crush is magma

  • Charles Billups 6 months ago

    Name the character overflow

  • Aubrey Custer 6 months ago


  • Green eggs and lamb Joey 6 months ago

    Here’s a good name aquamarine

  • micro scorp 6 months ago

    The superhero name should be splashgod

  • sasuke uchiha 6 months ago

    ……… ummm weird name see monkey very funny i think you need a name like sea boy

  • Kim Naniong 6 months ago

    I want his name to be Poseidon or Kraken

  • Jacob King 6 months ago

    name should be aqua boy

  • Ordinaryhandsomeman 1 6 months ago

    is there a command or mod for this

  • skystorm gaming 6 months ago

    when next one

  • Cindy Smith 6 months ago

    spency can b called Tsumomi or rip tide or riptide or Perceas

  • ABZMASTER 6 months ago

    Sabre play attack on titan in roblox again pls

  • Onaje the Gamehead 6 months ago

    How do you do the suit model

  • Blaze Fire24 6 months ago

    make your name posiden

  • AyyItsKanine72 - 6 months ago

    The name should be Hydro Man

    Or Hydro Wave

  • Jaiden Blocker 6 months ago

    Do more

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