• Azlee Abas 1 month ago

    I know what that mod is it’s started valley

  • Tyler Barker 1 month ago

    he keeps saying chance cube

  • Nor Hayati 1 month ago


  • vu pham 1 month ago

    Are you going to play ROBLOX plx !

  • Tanishka Singh 1 month ago

    Plz play granny

  • Daniel Ramez 1 month ago

    DR Trayaurus is always looking down what is he looking at? Name it gold farm

  • Jennifer Koester 1 month ago

    More missadventures dan

  • Rafael GAMING 1 month ago

    Nice vid keep up the good work

  • Charlie rock 1234 1 month ago


  • Olaf van Nieuwburg 1 month ago

    please do more roblox!!

  • diamond j 1 month ago

    Dan why didn’t you bought the giant chance cube its only 5k but when you make it its 9k total of 9 cubes to make a giant chance cube

  • Olaf van Nieuwburg 1 month ago

    play on roblox elemental bettlegrounds!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Noah Ashton 1 month ago

    More photoshop

  • jtcyrus 1 month ago

    I Subscrbed

  • 钟勇智 1 month ago

    if you do more I ill bet I ill do whatever you want

  • SUPER SAMIUL 1 month ago

    If the nether is so great then think about the end.

  • Chris Oliva 1 month ago

    Play FANF4 made in 2015 /creepy

  • CoolFireBoyHD 1 month ago

    I know Dan will Not Pin this

  • Aston HARREES 1 month ago

    hey dan can you do a new vid on moretdm you haven’t done 1 in over a year

  • Hamza Jamous 1 month ago

    Dan you can sell rocks and stamps from the ground and berry from the bushes

  • Chris Oliva 1 month ago

    You did not do a vid of it

  • Marshmelloalone1133 1 month ago

    Dan bendy and the ink machine is coming out on april 28th pls do a video on that!!

  • nex tale!sans 1 month ago


  • Xavier Zavala 1 month ago

    This is terraria in minecraft

  • Ahmed Tarek 1 month ago

    Plz play this series more often

  • isaiah.d .Owens 1 month ago

    I remember grim

  • DrClownfish 1 month ago

    I want Grim

  • JUMPYCOOL 1 month ago

    Make A Armour Stand For Your Armour!

  • Shann Eironn Lapuhapo 1 month ago

    All things have exchange…

    You got many diamonds = Your plants will die

  • Edric Luna 1 month ago


  • Steadfast PianoGirl 1 month ago

    Hey, why are you so scared of ghasts? They are only Mojang’s cat

  • legends of the robloxian 1 month ago

    Dan where is minecraft misadventures

  • Sniperwolf8478 1 month ago

    Bring back grim

  • Mr. hustramie 1 month ago

    More random games!!!

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