• Erlend Strand 10 months ago

    Wow! This pack is awesome!!! Love IT Kenny

  • Chrisblond GR 10 months ago

    Fantastic video

  • Kristy Hudson 10 months ago

    1000th like

  • Sharp_Shooter ! 10 months ago

    I like the vid

  • DigitalOnion 10 months ago

    +900000 fps
    More diamonds
    Bigger combos

    Me: seems legit

  • HarrisAz 10 months ago

    u should jitter click

  • V.Suth 10 months ago

    U should go to a server were people know to fight

  • Supericious 10 months ago

    2:14 that guy should be ashamed of himself lol

  • Andrei. 10 months ago

    The texture pack its so gooooooood

  • [ Ruptic ] 10 months ago

    I just got 899999 fps smh

  • Simon Ramhit 10 months ago

    All I wanted to say is Hello

  • Ruby playz 10 months ago

    master pevep lol

  • RUNIC ASSASSIN 10 months ago

    kenny oh my god I downloaded this pack and its AMAZING THE AMOUNT OF lagg ive had with my old pvp pack was so disgusting but this pack is perfect!!! thanks so much man im never changing my pack unless you update this current one.

  • Aidan Vanbeber 10 months ago

    How do u coatomize own texture pack

  • Matthew Yoshimoto 10 months ago

    your pack is literally perfect but the ONLY thing i would personally change is to make the tnt writing a little bit darker, lighter than the default but not too light otherwise, perfect #stayguav

  • brandson rhinehart 10 months ago

    I get a full +17668839000389884590059995942730947103749283 CPS So ion know why he gets less. xD

  • Iris Conde 10 months ago

    Dos the texture pack work on pe???

  • DatBoiBilly 10 months ago


  • iTsMeCxllum 10 months ago

    Does this work for 1.11.2?

  • kdd its kd 10 months ago

    its on pe as well? or pc only?

  • OMG_ITS_UMAD 10 months ago

    Why gap before? It’s better to gap after

  • OMG_ITS_UMAD 10 months ago

    After they gap

  • GodzillaETZ 10 months ago

    0:32 any1 notice the mojang cape?

  • Kaikorel XD 10 months ago

    Can you tell me which pc you use and give the link please

  • Ruso Craft 10 months ago

    Can you tell me which pc you use and give the link please

  • Ruso Craft 10 months ago

    Hello can you tell me guys which pc is good for Minecraft for around 1000$ and give the link

  • Taliouce 10 months ago

    32013214581419? I only got 32013214581418, what a scam..

  • SavagePigWarrior 10 months ago

    Can I edit your texture pack to make mine? I will use it in soon to come videos but wont take credit

  • OrdinaryPopsicle 10 months ago

    Hi, im creating my own texture for my own use and im having troubles with a thing, and im not sure if this is possible or not. So like when you put on a pumpkin you’re screne darkens like you’re wearing a pumpkin anyway to do that with armor? to make it more realistic? Just wondering! if you know please respond meh how!

  • Robert Johnson 10 months ago

    the texture pack is awesome

  • Cdog07 10 months ago

    how do you put the 1.7 old animations in a 1.8.9 forge folder?

  • Mc Crazy Gamer 10 months ago


  • A Random Guy 10 months ago

    yesterday I found a car with the licence plate 562 CPS

  • Play on badlion

  • DutyBattleCraft DBCFrags 10 months ago

    Do a badlion series. PLS MY GOOD SIR

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