Minecraft PRISON ESCAPE #5 – BEST money making


  • AlexLundon 10 months ago

    Ma name is Jeff,jk I wanna win my name is DonaldFart

  • Nick Ochs 10 months ago

    Ign is DrNickPlayzz pls pick me for diamond rank give away

  • Kryptic 10 months ago


  • Penguin Nerd 10 months ago

    I’m loving the series so far keep up all the hard work and I hope to see you on the server good luck getting better on prison btw my username is PenguinNerd

  • Aatika Akbar 10 months ago

    Thanks Ali ,because of you I’ve got my love for minecraft back.

    Btw my minecraft name is kingsmileyface

  • Jordi Bouffard 10 months ago

    Love all your videos. I have been watching you forever. My username is GodAwesome711. Thanks for everything!

  • cubes954 10 months ago

    Mc username Spector619

  • isnagforfun 10 months ago

    Hi Ali been watching since the first ever prison series I’m p1 on the server and would love the kit upgrade mc name ElectroDrake

  • Connor Perkowski 10 months ago


  • Connor Perkowski 10 months ago


  • Alexander Negron 10 months ago

    My username is Gengar71

  • Kitty Chaos 10 months ago

    My username is Kitty_Chaos
    I would love the diamond rank cause I just joined the server

  • rctech99 10 months ago

    hello, minecraft username is 19rylee99

  • Charlie FISHER 10 months ago

    ali i cant buy leather rank i live in new zealand and i need nz stuff on the alia donor website and i want to buy leather kit

  • Peter Haynes 10 months ago


  • Rominae Xero 10 months ago

    Hey, my username is RominaeXero. I’ve been watching your videos from way back, and your first Minecraft series was what got me into Minecraft. It would be awesome if I got the diamond rank, but regardless of what happens, I’ll still enjoy playing on the prison server!

  • Treystar158 10 months ago

    hey o alia hope u had a goood day btw nice vid!

  • Brutal Dorito 10 months ago

    IGN: BrutalDorito
    Ali-a i love your videos.. keep up the great work.

  • Parkour boys Bob 10 months ago


  • St1_1ffed Gaming 10 months ago

    My username is st1_1ffed and I just got started so it would help a lot

  • Dorian Duta 10 months ago

    My minecraft name is Pentatrox!

  • Dorian Duta 10 months ago

    My minecraft name is pentatrox!!

  • poke boy 10 months ago


  • Eqxility RL 10 months ago

    Jayp2k16 is my ign 😁

  • Aimee Tarpey 10 months ago


  • Akash Kai 10 months ago


  • GamingWithTheBlueN 10 months ago


  • RISING PHOENIX GAMING 10 months ago


  • RahGeeza

  • Masterz 10 months ago

    Minecraft Username: Masterzzzz 🙂

  • Keval Kataria 10 months ago

    I have just started on the aliacraft server’s OG prison so i would love the diamond rank. My username is Awesomness2014.

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