• Jerom you where in game mode c for the first round

  • Gideon Reed 4 months ago

    is blade dead? we havent seen him in a while. #ripblade

  • david millenbach 4 months ago

    bring back board game Sunday like this comment so they can see it

  • TheProGamer DJ 4 months ago


  • _devRaph 4 months ago

    Did you ever try to use cryptopackage?

  • Midnight Gamer88 4 months ago

    tbh dasha is an idiot :/

  • hundert six 4 months ago

    I have started earning money from Bitcoin miner app. It is totally free bitcoin miner.I am earning 0.005 BTC Every day.Don’t miss , Just install app and start miner.Use my referral code to earn more : 21835

  • Cloud Ninja 4 months ago

    Use that bitcoin with faultless masters! Never lose a game of trials fusion ever again!

  • Cloud Ninja 4 months ago

    128 bitcoin is 2.1 million dollars

  • Trenton Phipps 4 months ago

    I saw the bit coin in school today on the smart board at the end of social studies class today watching cnn 10

  • Trenton Phipps 4 months ago

    What quinkiedink

  • DARK ASSASSIN 4 months ago

    Play more


  • liquidrock2u 4 months ago

    Can you guys play Dragon Escape again?

  • Dorian Lee 4 months ago

    I forgot to turn off the volume when Jerome said “Ohhhhhhhhh BUDDY!” My ears…

  • liquidrock2u 4 months ago

    1 bitcoin equals 16.7k usd

  • Debbie Witherspoon 4 months ago

    120 bitcoins is 2148782.72 U.S dollars or 1825580.45 euros

  • Piplup reed 4 months ago

    this title made me very mad at first… u don’t know cryptocurrency ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    bitcoins good and all but I prefer alt coins because you able to buy cheap and sell high much faster as of now I own 2065 ftc which is about 900 dollars and I may sell and buy electronium… why am I typing this in a minecraft comment section…

  • M3M3ST4R123 4 months ago

    since bitcoins are worth like 21000 or something when jerome bought armour in the first round, in real life he would have spent 8064000 (8 million 64 thousand dollars)

  • Drago Plays Xbox 4 months ago

    Gets a Sun Mining add.

  • Jude Stephens 4 months ago

    is it just me or are the videos kind of black and white-ish

  • Louis Nail 4 months ago

    i like dasha’s skin

  • Nebby the Solgaleo 4 months ago

    Who wants the download like link this comment

  • Kane Knoop 4 months ago

    I thought it was a cheese burger

  • Conan Tan 4 months ago

    I would be so happy just for 1 bitcoin

  • Tori W 4 months ago

    What are bit coins????

  • Van Andrae Bigtasin 4 months ago

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  • Dillon Boodram 4 months ago

    Jeromes a vaccum

  • Linda Oatley 4 months ago

    Hey it says gullible on the ceiling “it does and you stole my lung”

  • Blazer 6905 4 months ago

    btw its highly highly possible for bitcoin to be the main currency and other online things like bitcoin and the american dollar might not exist the whole point of bitcoin is to get rid of the american dollar so the government cant control the currency system so every computer nerd know will have a great advantage of what to do around when that time comes

  • Blazer 6905 4 months ago

    no one here knows what a bitcoin is because all they do is watch mc youtuber

  • Cat Dood 4 months ago

    Jerome your cheating

  • Real LuigiTheBest 4 months ago

    17737.42 is how much that would be 128 bitcoin

  • Edward Cole 4 months ago


  • Willow Meteli 4 months ago

    Omg Jerome knows Avril

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