• Nicholas Pugliano 2 weeks ago

    I went back yesterday

  • Rachel Gaeckle 2 weeks ago

    Is anyone watching in 2018?

  • In new Zealand we get a 6 week holiday and back around February

  • Blidgard 7586 2 weeks ago

    4 more weeks for us

  • DJPLAYERKING 2 weeks ago

    After this weekend a.k.a sunday

  • faisal mir 2 weeks ago

    anyone notice the hiring worker button has the same sound effect from gta:san Andreas?

  • itsninja dash123 2 weeks ago

    Why is Ben not infected?

  • Elizabeth Vazquez 2 weeks ago

    We go back on the 8th

  • Mason Maaon1023 2 weeks ago

    You should play the new one see it from Preston
    It has a bigger map you can get infinite workers

  • Derek Nunez 2 weeks ago

    I go back on Tuesday the 9

  • Bom Trady 2 weeks ago

    Just to think of it Jerome can be a Minecraft villager because of his nose

  • Stacey Kart 2 weeks ago

    Play more age of empires 3

  • Dexter Gosse-johnstone 2 weeks ago


  • LINDA Eskell 2 weeks ago


  • Braedyn Heinrich 2 weeks ago

    same as real craft

  • southeast gaming 2 weeks ago

    July 32nd

  • John Louis Ingreso 2 weeks ago

    Pls more monster industry

  • Epic Maddness 2 weeks ago

    Boneless pizza was in town of Salem. U should play it more

  • Grubella 132 2 weeks ago


  • Alex Carter 2 weeks ago

    You had them locked in the bedroom you should have flooded the place mobbed the place up horribly stopped the music been gullible then let them out with blindness and slowness omg so evil… Like a haunted mansion while your leaving the bedroom the music stops your suddenly blind and slowed there’s water dripping and monsters everywhere

  • Ian Garcia 2 weeks ago


  • Eric Son 2 weeks ago


  • Audie Alsopp 2 weeks ago

    The 8

  • lydia hestdalen 2 weeks ago


  • Rockin GMax 2 weeks ago

    Dodd d. Cc. Did cc

  • Noah Clemens 2 weeks ago


  • Lucas Davis 2 weeks ago

    Thur. 4 and thats when i posted this comment

  • Nateiszeus 2 weeks ago

    Play age of mythology!!!!!!!!

  • Noellelovespandas 2 weeks ago

    I go back the 9th

  • king dino 2 weeks ago

    the 8th

  • MO2 Lazz3r 2 weeks ago

    Tuesday 2 january

  • White Fang XD 2 weeks ago


  • Nada Blah 2 weeks ago


  • Nada Blah 2 weeks ago


  • Meatiusmaximas 2 weeks ago

    we were supposed to go back the third but the buses broke down so we got out then yesterday and today

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