• Captain Broccoli 1 week ago

    BEEF. the tier 3 hoppers suck up all items in the chunk, so you don’t need that many. Depending on where you are in the chunk, you only need a few.

  • humane monkey303 1 week ago


  • Dr. Kevorkian 1 week ago

    You need a bed to skip the night. Cant see ne thing

  • humane monkey303 1 week ago

    VB place a piece of color carpet on ur upgraded hoppers

  • OutlanderVideo 1 week ago

    Beef next time your stuck just type in chat! People will usually help you out but I’m sure if vintage beef is asking you will get all the help you need!

  • Dielie MCR 1 week ago

    Get the freaking minion beef damn the money is in the bank dude. haha just kidding love youre stuff beef. Keep it coming.

  • OutlanderVideo 1 week ago

    Why recreate the wheel man iron golems give you the most money then blazes. You just need to rethink your method of dispatching them. Also you need minions then you can farm XP and items at the same time.

  • humane monkey303 1 week ago

    Black concrete!!!!

  • SmokinSoldierMC 1 week ago

    hey beef tier 3 hoppers grab everything dropped in a chunk and sell it if its able to sell in shop its void auto collect hopper. to look at your tags do /tags and then scroll thru and select which one and gg on baller tag. you dont need to use so many hoppers either cuz until u get alot of spawners the tier 3 hoppers just a couple will work because of auto collect u no longer need to have the hole collection system of hoppers. and fyi your cobble was sold to shop lol 🙂 hope that helps love the videos And skelly grinders kinda suck cuz it will clog system with bows igs are where is at since they nerfed cows and minions that u us for cobble gen mining have him put drops right in a void chest because it will sell everything and collect the xp in one bottle making it very efficient

  • MaGma Teg 1 week ago

    Buy IG spawners

  • UnderGamer 482 1 week ago

    Iron Holmes don’t take fall damage

  • Fred Langva 1 week ago

    you want to have at least 2 spaces between adjacent spawners for peak efficiency. You can stack spawners vertically since they do not seem to spawn mobs below them with this plugin.

  • Plikasiknis162 1 week ago

    Iron Golems cannot die from fall damage

  • Lauren Atchley 1 week ago

    You lost the cobble because there was a clearing all drops as soon as you broke the blocks.

  • Captain Broccoli 1 week ago

    Iron 👏 golems 👏 don’t 👏 take 👏 fall 👏 damage 👏

  • Cyclingfurball 1 week ago

    Beef iron golems dont take fall damage

  • Shiro Zidori 1 week ago

    You should make different levels of height for your cells, an individual Ingot block.
    Iron as Common, Diamond as HQ, main Cell, Emerald as treasury.

  • Dragon Lord 1 week ago

    hey beef. you should make a season of skyblocks with pause and etho again

  • DigitalMonk 1 week ago

    Your T3 hoppers pick up everything in a chunk

  • Gnosis 1 week ago

    Your platform structure reminds me of a water strider, or maybe it should say ‘air strider’?

  • SlayRealZ156 1 week ago

    Love the long video!

  • Elite Force 1 week ago

    Replace the cobble with quartz

  • Jackal Blades 1 week ago

    why dont you take a multiblock pick to the mining world?

  • Km Seshaiah 1 week ago

    beef if you bought the stack of 21 enderman spawners you would have saved 6.8 million dollars

  • Justin Owolabi 1 week ago

    VintageBeef you should use smooth stone slabs for your storage it would go well, btw keep up the amazing content

  • Alfie Dawe 1 week ago

    Do iron pads, then lower ones Emerald or diamonds

  • TheGamingLeopard 1 week ago

    bruuh, i just wanted o check out how u doin on youtube since i stopped watching you and good old memorise fell back in and i remeberd my favourite series, “Life InThe Woods” moddpack

  • Headsplitter 35 1 week ago

    dude PLEASE try not to scream in our ears like that it really HURTS…

  • Breaker Gamer 1 week ago

    is minesaga premium or semipremium?

  • Jet Lag 1 week ago

    You just wasted a ton of time because you didn’t check the sell costs for the things you bought spawners for… It was entertaining, but still.

  • Yesits Kam 1 week ago


  • Hallideadly est 1 week ago

    the tier 3 hoppers you have tell you in the decription that they will suck up items from an entire chunk, then you placed 11 of them in the same chunk?

  • Kevin Fryman 1 week ago

    Hey Beef…Your video was really dark in places. If you use the command /nv it will give you Night Vision on your Island. You can toggle it on and off with this command…

  • addison juhl 1 week ago

    Please learn commands an d what everything does by simply going to the Minesaga shop and clicking on the stuff Click “buy” and it gives the description of them. Your hurting my brain with your newbieness.

  • Fabian Viera 1 week ago

    Hey beef any beefy tunes?

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