A new episode of our Minecraft Pokemon Mod





  • Dominic Sutton 7 months ago

    Get yogscast to come on

  • OmgItzNate 7 months ago

    At 10:23 my name is actually nate

  • OCG DwArF 7 months ago

    Vikk is savage already

  • Atomic Gamer3 7 months ago

    Dis isn’t h4m

  • Ghost Dragon 7 months ago

    sell energy powder

  • Thomas Riley 7 months ago

    U missed dimonds

  • Harper Chalfin 7 months ago


  • Adam Burdett 7 months ago

    Vikk if you want to get the best nature’s and best stats you’d be better off looking into breeding. It’s fairly easy to do on pixelmon, and it’ll be much better than catching and hoping

  • obarker 7 months ago

    How long until we hear the story about his pet duck, Chocolate?

  • KrazyGaming 7 months ago

    Get all 3 maxed starters for mega versions, e.g. charizard, venusaur and blastoise

  • I, Hannah Baker, want 20,000 subscribers 7 months ago

    Speedy and side also lied to Gary 😅

  • Uzma Iqbal 7 months ago

    Fix the frames

  • jul y 7 months ago


  • Jack Frost 7 months ago


  • jul y 7 months ago

    XD yesssss another pixelmon series and this you actually know what you’re doing yeahhhhhhhh

  • -Point North- 7 months ago

    Da faq did YouTube do to the thumbnail

  • tntikuler destroyer 7 months ago

    get umbreonn

  • TheBluePenguin is the rock 7 months ago

    yaaaaaay i watched the last series it wuz dope af

  • Shanly Vong 7 months ago

    No no no no no no no Charmander socks

  • Frodododobert Bert 7 months ago

    It really annoys me when vikk says “they have a ice cream cone and a sandcastle Pokemon” because gen I has: the purple pile of sludge Pokemon, the bigger pile of sludge, and the pink pile of sludge

  • GoodGamer456 JC 7 months ago


  • Gary Brosler 7 months ago

    Nice thumbnail

  • TamTheMeerkat Geometry Dash 7 months ago

    Hey vikk nice thumbnail

  • SMB2065 7 months ago

    Vikk u looted a master ball loot in the middle

  • TheBluePenguin is the rock 7 months ago

    shiny golbat at 57:07

  • Gem Brister 7 months ago

    how do you get the mod? (or mod pack ;-;)

  • joua vidsos 7 months ago

    Finally pixelmon yay

  • SSR_Goku 7 months ago

    Mew-two at 11:11

  • XxXandrewXxX 7 months ago

    5th salty lagoon of every series ever vik 2017

  • Mackattack549 7 months ago

    that thumbnail confused me

  • Gilbert Gutierrez 7 months ago


  • ItzJust_Luke 7 months ago

    All of your Pokemon are bad

  • ItzJust_Luke 7 months ago

    You should get Gengar lugia tyranitar metrgross machop flygon

  • BlazExo_ _9 7 months ago

    When he needs to know that snorlax isn’t gen 1 😂

  • paraha whanau 7 months ago

    i love u vids the picture of that is not me idon’t know who it it is lol

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