• TheDiamondGamer 1 month ago

    Took you long enough lol jk…. This is a great video and series though

  • Matthew and Anouk Blogs 1 month ago

    Plz like my comment

  • 9tails Stone 1 month ago

    First and you are one of the best youtuber ever in the world

  • Lucasaur Gaming 1 month ago

    Ninja stars and a Rattata? Awesome! Nice vid!

  • Matthew and Anouk Blogs 1 month ago

    I was

  • Brandee Reinsberg 1 month ago

    did anny one see the bubbles in the back round

  • christopher B 1 month ago

    180th view, 22nd like, and 12 comment. EARLY

  • CommandBlock King 1 month ago

    I thought they got rid of the pixlemon mod?

  • Ninja -Gaming 1 month ago

    super heroes?

  • Zora gaming 1 month ago


  • Noah Everette 1 month ago

    Evolve froakie into greninja

  • Tony Anselmo 1 month ago

    Yaaaaayyyyy I’ve been waiting this for sooooooo long

  • Cassie Signet 1 month ago


  • walus 279 1 month ago

    yass plz upload this daily

  • Guacs Likes Bekfast 1 month ago

    Can’t wait for new superheroes

  • Baldito Serna 1 month ago

    What happened to you and Ryan sabre

  • Ioan House's House 1 month ago

    ALright Pixelmon is back baby!

  • Jade Burling 1 month ago

    Ep 5 please

  • ShoutGaming 1 month ago

    155th like 28th like 3000th view

  • ShoutGaming 1 month ago

    his butt at 2:31

  • Dragconifor 1 month ago

    Look at all that damage I created XD

  • Emma Chowdhury 1 month ago

    More but can I see Sabres view and can sabre be a grass type please

  • sabbykinz 4 ever 1 month ago

    I like this video it’s cool

  • lucario life 1 month ago

    Noooooooo not Mogi

  • lucario life 1 month ago

    He is a riuolu it evolves into lucario

  • bendy sans bendytale 1 month ago

    please make another md ep

  • Blueflame 88 1 month ago

    Can you get some fire moves for chimchar and the others plz like if you agree

  • Aiman Asyraf 1 month ago

    Where is Sabre in the roleplay???

  • cheyanne speke/ Snowleaoprd 1 month ago

    Please continue this series please😊 and cool video

  • Red Tech 1 month ago

    I noticed someone invisible

  • assassin's 139 1 month ago

    Noooo! They took pixel and mogi!!!!!!!!

  • cash everett 1 month ago


  • PopStarLEE B 1 month ago


  • DracoDragonKing XX 1 month ago

    Why do u take so long to make these

  • Soul Soul 1 month ago

    Make more!

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