How To Minecraft Season 4. An SMP series.





  • J77hd Boom 8 months ago

    His chest is op

  • Tylerplayz 88 8 months ago

    I love your YouTube channel and your other one and I’ve just started a YouTube channel

  • Tylerplayz 88 8 months ago

    you need overload

  • Tylerplayz 88 8 months ago

    overload is HYPE need it

  • M4MAROF 8 months ago

    1:08:48 How does Vikk have 30 hearts?

  • Dark Enforcer 8 months ago

    Get lightweight

  • Vikk furnace is good I have it on one of the servers I play on it allows u to fortune iron and gold ingots so if u put it on ur fortune 5 pick I’ll get 6 ingots instead of 1 and u don’t have to wait for them to smelt

  • Michał Błaszczyk 8 months ago

    Here is the thing you want to put drunk on a spare pair of boots or a helmet cause you want the most amount of armour dont put it on your legs and also, their is a limit to how many enchants can be put on a armour peice so you want to start putting a bit more custom enchants on your legs.

  • David 8 months ago

    vikk u should have the admins make companies in game so you can invest in them and make money that way
    like so vikk can see

  • TopPrankster12345 8 months ago

    You should be able to return the trash custom enchant books for random ones… like 3 for commen 5 for rare and 7 for legendary or something like that

  • The Mighty King 8 months ago

    yay vikk hit 2 billion view in all of is channel

  • Not Luis 8 months ago


  • ApolloAwe 8 months ago

    Why the armor stand if never use

  • kyle smith 8 months ago

    Vik to get enlightened v on every piece of gear you would need to pay 8 million on enlightened 1s

  • Brad Graham 8 months ago

    Vik v Pete Craft This championship match

  • Trump Is a nigger 8 months ago


  • Hereis Elliana# 8 months ago

    Anyone else thought that nooch left everything in the chest

  • Mlake 8 months ago

    if you watch the whole series it is like you wasted 4 days of your life

  • Vinnie Smith 8 months ago


  • Harsh Tandon 8 months ago

    make an xp exchange system where you can exchange xp for money, not much but lil bit, it could be an extra something

  • HG.merlin 8 months ago

    Hahah I love the admins! I loved the end with you falling into the off limits area 😂😂

  • Andrew Hoban 8 months ago

    if both of them have a custom enchantment and u can combine the two swords

  • _ Cozy24 _ 8 months ago

    You should put haste on your pickaxe for the mine so you can put on the drunk book on your armour and it’ll counter the mining fatigue so you can mine freely without having to take off one of your armour pieces (like so he can see)

  • ibrahiem hussain 8 months ago

    What time is stream today?

  • Akasha Montague-Byrne 8 months ago

    Vikk there is no use spending 300k dust on a book to get it to 70% and not putting it up to 100%

  • Veerz Z 8 months ago

    Who knows what the server name and address is

  • nayeemul000 8 months ago


  • Kane Strevens 8 months ago

    stop wasting so much money on the black dust as u paid to put them on ao whats the point also sell some of your spare gear

  • kasper hansen 8 months ago

    How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck looked like you?? The answer is none the woodchuck dont chuck wood it just burn

  • Ezra Bernstein 8 months ago

    PLEASE add /sell hand

  • Ezra Bernstein 8 months ago

    Fill in the blank: ___mins

  • Ezra Bernstein 8 months ago

    Make an episode where you build a chest room for all your books (a library xd)

  • Oma Zinga 8 months ago

    ur set that u call a god set isn’t  a god set
    thats what were all saying!!!!!!!! VIK

  • A Bored YouTube Watcher 8 months ago

    Can the admins do a behind the scenes episode or 2?

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