• Nova Franco 3 weeks ago

    I love it

  • Eryka DeLima 3 weeks ago

    How many times you say stuped

  • Mathieu Galante 3 weeks ago

    Ur gonna make it

  • Lucky Panda 64 3 weeks ago

    I wish these was normal game mode items

  • Grant Van Aartsen 3 weeks ago


  • King Ronald Bituin 3 weeks ago

    How to update minecraft

  • Cinqiz Cebrailov 3 weeks ago

    U feel like BACON!

  • greenbeast lol 3 weeks ago

    You won’t make it first try

  • AlxNorGaming 3 weeks ago

    This is a Colab between Grian and McMakistein

  • Hitallo A. Nogueira 7 3 weeks ago

    Please legend in portuguese

  • Keep kitty Cat 3 weeks ago


  • robert czaja 3 weeks ago

    I love yuor vids and i am your bigest fan

  • Brittney Marshall 3 weeks ago

    you not going to make it i know
    or you are…

  • Amanda Kennedy 3 weeks ago

    U no make bro

  • Chichi Young 3 weeks ago


  • Chichi Young 3 weeks ago

    I said no because it’s too far and I know that I will make it so I just assumed that you won’t make it

  • kurtzwoman 3 weeks ago

    Glactus!! 🌵

  • Ogy Cru 3 weeks ago


  • Ogy Cru 3 weeks ago


  • David Wright 3 weeks ago

    can you play Roblox!!!!!!!!!???????

  • john troster 3 weeks ago

    oh look its an obease middle aged man playing a childs game… pedofile

  • Remor Gamer 3 weeks ago

    I would love to see a minecraft command creation, that implements the tech turrets mod. That means: different types of turrets able to be damaged by mobs, filled up with ammo, upgraded with things like infinite ammo or manual controls (first person shooting and shoot various types of ammo (the mod has rockets, lasers, grenades, seed pellets etc.)

  • Susan Bowman 3 weeks ago

    I would like to see a mansion

  • Cortney Earley 3 weeks ago

    I do not now how to do that

  • Football Legend 99 3 weeks ago

    Cheers for the guide now I can build safe houses

  • Charlie Law 3 weeks ago

    hes gonna make it

  • Willow Webb 3 weeks ago

    No way

  • Sunshine 3 weeks ago

    You are going to make it

  • viridiana Espinoza 3 weeks ago


  • ᄎ갸ᅳ내ᅮ 3 weeks ago

    Grian already did this

  • Christopher Dibbs 3 weeks ago

    I predict you won’t make it… (I totally didn’t see the intro…)

  • Brett Peirce 3 weeks ago

    Play Super Mario run pleeeeeeeeeease you can put it on your phone
    Pleeeeeeeeeease do it

  • Cameron Bennett 3 weeks ago

    Pore villagers

  • Jason Garmendez 3 weeks ago

    Omg 😂 “i dont think so pigger” 4:55

  • sharmistha chaudhuri 3 weeks ago


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