• Miraak 3 months ago

    How many players joined the server?

  • MaxiJrpg 3 months ago

    Brown Mocha sounds like a nice person 🙂 and I like the way your “hobbit hole” looks! Maybe you could build a nice little fireplace and a chimney thats coming out above your building. That would look pretty cool – and you could use spiderwebs or glass as smoke 🙂

  • BipBop Studios 3 months ago


    Iskall hated Diorite,
    from Hermitcraft.
    Beef hates Granite,
    from VintageCraft.
    What do they have in common?
    They hate different stones!

  • Zachary Lewis 3 months ago

    27 more episodes before this is dead.

  • Dylon Velard 3 months ago

    what is the server address?

  • Taylor D 3 months ago

    I really like the doorway at 17:04 .

  • SILSKY 3 months ago

    I love the ceiling in the tree room. That works very well!

  • Jimm Girdler 3 months ago

    Bet your wishing you had waited a week or two until you let people on

  • MotoGoon 3 months ago

    Proud of you beef. I have been watching your videos since the beginning. It’s awesome that you have kept doing what makes you happy

  • Killer_Flame 3 months ago

    When beef uses his 1st block replica

  • Ginthian Shield 3 months ago

    Great video. Keep it up. I am a big fan

  • EighteenCharacters 3 months ago

    So join patreon or not to join… hmmm…. **shakes nervously**

  • Nate Pearman 3 months ago

    What about “the vintage server” 😁 ❤️

  • trillibytes 3 months ago

    The server that shall not be named…. ehm… no. Whatever name is chosen, I’m sure will be great!

  • Sem Vh 3 months ago

    The server is really welcoming for the players its great

    Thanks for making the server beef 😀

  • dreamonstr 3 months ago

    Dynamap link

  • QuiveryNinja 3 months ago

    U should call it “VintageCraft” like if u agree

  • Jochen Van der Taelen 3 months ago

    And the world is ruined by kids now :p

  • dana94a 3 months ago

    Wow tour patreon is popping. 9k a month. What I would do for that salary 😂

  • Will Anthoney 3 months ago

    The chat at 15:30 lol

  • Michael Ohio 3 months ago

    You can walk, run, and sprint on crop. But you can’t jump on em

  • SomethingUllRemember 3 months ago

    i havent played minecraft since last april but i gotta admit, watching you play again is making me want to play

  • Jelly Fox 3 months ago

    so Beef i have a couple questions bc i have been looking for a server like this for so long. So I would really love to play with everyone on this server but i need to know if its a 1 time payment or $15 a month bc i cant afford to do it each month so like i kinda need to know

  • Milvydas Timinskis 3 months ago

    you can build a nature room.

  • ukkhan khan 3 months ago


  • Kam m 3 months ago

    my brothers bubba and my dogs daisy:)

  • BurntFaceMan 3 months ago


  • Euphoria 3 months ago

    Beef`s Stew Pot as server name?

  • ImmortalsPVP 3 months ago

    The server looks so different without a texture pack

  • FireMiner 199 3 months ago

    Hey beef around your door frames you should do the cauldron and leaves decoration.

  • Anthony Deal 3 months ago

    Would you ever consider doing another Pixelmon series, more specifically an adventure series? Maybe on a predone map/server?

  • William Rose 3 months ago

    Make a little bath house/spa in that underground pond!

  • Tony Huett 3 months ago

    Glowstone in the center of your tree farm roof… 🙂

  • Muhtadi Hashim 3 months ago

    Use item frame on the storage chests

  • Kristian Hansen 3 months ago

    Vintagebeff plz make the server public so u dont have to Pay thx

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