• Miriam Olmos 1 month ago

    Denis you are the best a Minecraft

  • David Blenden 1 month ago

    Its just blaze

  • Brady Busby 1 month ago

    ive seen the fortrest in the nether with my friend.

  • Javier Garcia 1 month ago

    haha you need more skills

  • Brady Busby 1 month ago

    i think you can eat wheat

  • Waimate Toy Library 1 month ago

    Hit the fire balls Denis

  • Kitty Kat 1 month ago

    I love this series

  • Cold wolf Master 1 month ago

    denis yay remember regenald bring him!! right now

  • Agar PlayBD 1 month ago

    The gravel and the block placing sound are signs of Herobrine!!! 💀

  • Shahnaz Nadia 1 month ago

    What about rechenald where is he?

  • elicorbitt 1 month ago

    play more minecraft

  • elicorbitt 1 month ago

    you are rong

  • elicorbitt 1 month ago

    find the difrents poop poop poop poop poop pop poop poop poop

  • Justin Guaman 1 month ago

    Denis make a diamond helmet with the 5 diamonds you got

  • JBLD Garces 1 month ago

    The wither boss drops nether star and the ender dragon drops egg

  • pekachu cool 1 month ago

    Ender perls are very hard to get!!

  • Video Digital Signage 1 month ago

    you should make a bow and arrow

  • Gleb Ka 1 month ago

    DEnis I love

  • bbyg. aliyah 1 month ago

    It’s not magma slime it’s a magma cube😃😃😃 ps I watched every single vid

  • Bobbe Lipatan 1 month ago

    now im just missing your eps in mincraft

  • Madison Gates 1 month ago


  • Ms. Gamer 1 month ago

    thank you denis for doing long episodes

  • Emma Liu 1 month ago

    The gravel did a cool domino effect when it fell

  • Halting Gaming 1 month ago

    Reginald:I am lonely😩 come get me
    Denis:sorry about that I’m coming to get you

  • Puppy and Ash 1 month ago

    This is a lot of history the directors should make a movie about this

  • Vivi Ta 1 month ago

    Go Denis!

  • Mike Faraj 1 month ago


  • Beauty And all 1 month ago

    Good job finding the fortress Denis

  • Yaren Soylu 1 month ago

    Denis if a gast throws fire you can use you’re sword to stop it

  • Ratu sigaruarua 1 month ago

    Oh my god denis! You took a picture of the place where found the fort!!! You could’ve looked at it when u were lost. Cmon m8

  • Avery Codlin 1 month ago

    Get REGINALD!!!!!!!!

  • Anthony Rios 1 month ago

    Denis hood video@

  • Anthony Rios 1 month ago


  • Rana Rajebul 1 month ago

    Omg my all friends is join me at minecraft!

  • melan hilaus 1 month ago

    Play with alex or/and sub or i will kill you

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