• Mike Thunder 9 months ago

    Vik is looking for a sharp 7 axe and you have one your not using, sell it to him for alot.

  • King Auzston 9 months ago

    Make a Axe and a shop plz

  • Crono Plays 9 months ago

    kenny youre prob not gonna out much enchantments on ur boots and helm so, why not put hellforged on em so u can wear them through out ur ep and it fixes it by like the end of the ep.

  • Adrian Angel Rod 9 months ago

    Why not a lot of comments??

  • Daniel Martinez 9 months ago

    I live at the south coast of Florida in Miami Florida:(

  • SOUR S4G 9 months ago

    Vikk gear on fleak! Way to rep the homie

  • Christian Owens 9 months ago

    Love your vids Kenny

  • Mark Riske 9 months ago

    Kenny you guys should have just gone by all the Ender Rats. You waste so much food, and time killing them.

  • Jacob Greenacre 9 months ago

    sell your sharp 7 Axe to vikk for a lot of $$$$%

  • Brandon Johnson 9 months ago

    U should add 500000 to what ever u sell Pete from when he made u pay to get ur sword back

  • Vic Martinez 9 months ago

    Ladmins plz make it so People who get kicked from the dungeon drop their stuff so People are who are still doing it can do more than a one kit an it.will make it more worth it

  • Epic Brine 9 months ago

    This dungeon team op

  • Broncowinner 9 months ago

    Love your vids, Kenny
    You are my number one favorite youtuber

  • Nathaniel Hamilton 9 months ago

    I don’t why but I really don’t like quiff and I hope he quits the series he is really annoying and not very smart it makes me question how he plays minecraft.

  • Jesse Baker 9 months ago

    Please ask to get the loot chest buffed lol it sucks so much

  • JADEN 9 months ago

    Pretty good with a bow?!?!?! U crazy you freekin Legolas

  • Saif Iskandar 9 months ago

    Just a tip.I think other than doing how to minecraft.You should also do skywars or bedwars.Your views are going down because we all love skywars and bedwars.I used to watch those.I mean it’s your channel so do whatever u want and love .It’s just a tip no hate xD love ya vids

  • Lord Hordor 9 months ago

    His gear prevented damage so life steal wouldn’t proc

  • Bossbeanz0606 9 months ago

    Kenny Quiff never gave ur 16 ended pearls and 4 grapples back

  • cracked pavement 9 months ago

    Plz sell little bobble heads of you and your gf Minecraft skins. My thoughts go out to all affected by the hurricane

  • Megadwarf 47 9 months ago

    Quiff should be stopped by admins. There just giving him money and OP gear and now no one else can fight him

  • Lmao @42:03 kenny reads is casting – smash hit…. he sings: ” hey now you’re an all star….” lmao laake and quiff didnt even chuckle, peasants! Jk❤️

  • Omar Hayat 9 months ago

    kenny you should grind your axes mcmmo at Pete’s pigzombie farm as you have permission to use it, like so kenny can see 🙂

  • AMAA Gaming 9 months ago


  • DustanFanboy 9 months ago

    you need to do the optional boss, give the rage sword to the tank and put every enchant on the tank, double damage + life steal + valor + vampire, he will be invincible for the rest of the bosses, just have the tank solo everything for the rest of the dungeon, if he somehow managers to get low on lives just switch all the gear to someone else

  • TheCratingPack minecraftgaming 9 months ago

    Dude this dungeons always takes up the whole episode

  • LMA.O - Gaming Videos And Vlogs! 9 months ago

    I actually hate Quiff! He got ninja 1 and 32 mutton and he kept it all for himself while kenny and laake had 2 or 3 stake left!

  • Shannon 9 months ago

    Kenny you have to try Halloween Horror on Mineplex in October it’s really fun like the dungeons but big team & fun!

  • xX NeBuLoSeR Xx 9 months ago

    Ay that vikk Shirt though

  • Dizantr 7 9 months ago

    . 18++ Детам не смотреть она его не пожалела

  • TheKatScratch 9 months ago

    Kenny out here looking like the Real Slim Shady 😹😹😹

  • Anders Toftegaard 9 months ago

    26:03 lol, same KennyS

  • Joshua Tsang 9 months ago

    vikk is looking for implants

  • Introz Dream 9 months ago

    I think after the series is over they should make it an actual server,it would be pretty fun to play with the dungeons and stuff

  • MinecraftCollabs - Let's Play Livestreams 9 months ago

    *Hi! I like your videos! Can you please check out my channel, subscribe and like my recent videos! Also, when is your next video coming out?*

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