• Darian10M 2 weeks ago

    I been watching your channel for 2 years and I have enjoyed every single channel you have your my fav youtuber hope you hit 10 mill soon

  • Gamingmonster 123 2 weeks ago

    Meh quite early I guess I was at school

  • Jordan Lewinski 2 weeks ago

    I can do that math easily

  • Ryan Dwaine Contrevida 2 weeks ago

    Dont mess with texas

  • Zero One 2 weeks ago

    Preston im a big fan of you dude like and love your Videos Dude(Since your 4M subscriber)

  • Shawn G 2 weeks ago

    Ur channel has always been in my life since day 1. U inspired me to make a channel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!My channel name is: Shawn G

  • Noyal Biju 2 weeks ago

    I have been watching your vids for years and i have subscribed to ur channel

  • Jackson murray 2 weeks ago

    Have your aunt come on your channel

  • Vivek Saha 2 weeks ago

    Eh……………..ok then just PLAY MINECRAP OK

  • Elisha Johnson 2 weeks ago

    What about Preston Kinley

  • Crazy.T 2 weeks ago

    The math exam thing was so easy I figured it out before yous did and I’m only year 8

  • Maymay Playz 2 weeks ago

    This video went from Preston and Keeley to Preston, Keeley, and the whole world.

  • HazzaGaming 2 weeks ago

    Love the video Preston and I hope you’re happy with the life we gave you

  • Jessie Miller 2 weeks ago

    Moose craft 1 Prestonplayz 2

  • Angel Perez 2 weeks ago

    yes make keelly a minecraft account you guys are lucky you guys play minecraft every day I have never played minecraft

  • Paul Faizon 2 weeks ago

    I love your vids. Even your factions. I’ve only been around for 1 year but your videos never get old. (If you pick me please blur my name. It’s my real name

  • FakeGreywolf Pack 2 weeks ago


  • Aeryn Adria Demaine 2 weeks ago

    Me have 5siblings

  • TBNRPanda ! 2 weeks ago

    Get Keely a Minecraft account

  • CptXDerrickDU 2 weeks ago

    Wheres teacher philip oof

  • Renee St-Martin 2 weeks ago

    We love you guys❤️❤️😭

  • Alfiliza Ghany 2 weeks ago

    Math = More Math =More More Math = More More More Math

  • Ahmed Alzokm 2 weeks ago


  • Fortnite repper gaming 2 weeks ago

    Ily I have subbed to all ur channels and watch all of them when I am not at school even the livestreams this is the best

  • Emerald Plays 2 weeks ago

    I’ve been watching for about 2 years now. You really do make my life better when I am bored. Keep up the amazing work! Love the videos!

  • samanta shakya 2 weeks ago

    every minecraft youtuber like preston hates math

  • Aeryn Adria Demaine 2 weeks ago

    I cant age 9 so _😍😍😍😎😂😁😀😛

  • Adam Alkadi 2 weeks ago

    Presten is the best at dabbing

  • Nancy Alamy 2 weeks ago

    I love presten

  • So What 2 weeks ago

    I ❤️ math and maybe Preston you should hire one person specifically for answering math equations for u…..

  • Norge100 - Norsk YouTube 2 weeks ago

    Preston’s place was become a School Learning. xD

  • GamerLogan07 2 weeks ago

    Can u guys subscribe to my channel I will subscribe back also I have subscribed to you preston

  • Sadiq Daudpota 2 weeks ago

    You guys are so bad math i was done within seconds😂😂 seriously tho preston awsome video. Ive been subscribed to almost three years and its been a great time. Your videos always cheer me up when im feeling down and you alwsys gets me laughing till it hurts. Thanks for your awsome content !

  • DJK366 Gaming 2 weeks ago

    YES DO IT!

  • Ari Cep 2 weeks ago

    Preston I’ve been with you since 479k subs you are the best gamer who ever reads this hit that like button and subscribe to Preston have a blessed day

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