• GrrArg 1 week ago

    Hey Etho, I’ve seen folks shoot items into spiders webs to remove some of the random angle(ness). Would that work for primed TNT as well if you placed the webs below your dispensers?

  • RedstonePixels 1 week ago

    Hey Etho,build a completely new sky base?

  • SlapShot45 1 week ago

    Hey Etho have you had any ideas with the new underwater update coming out, and how the new water physics will affect your builds? I know a lot of your builds use water like the new cannon you just built. Also you won’t be able to enjoy the new water biomes without having to go out of your way to generate new terrain. Hopefully dolphins and fish will still spawn in the old water. I hate to say this but it may be time for a new world. I love the world you have now and I hope you can find a way to overcome all the problems updates may bring and keep pushing it on and on, but I believe it’s getting around to that point. I mean with everything considered you’re not enjoying your let’s play world anymore because there’s not much left to do anymore (which I can’t blame you for feeling), the world size is only getting bigger, most of the new updates coming out you have to travel thousands of blocks to find, things in the world are breaking or becoming antiques with all the new red stone possibilities, etc. Just a thought but maybe every 500 episodes you could start a new world and do things differently with the features future updates will bring. Totally up to you though. This will forever and always be my favorite series you have done no matter what. Just keep on doing what you do and hope the best for you!

  • John V 1 week ago

    After episode 499 comes 501, right?

  • Lightning Lance 1 week ago

    That start, someone should make a map from that. TNT Cleanup: remove all the TNT before it explodes. Most levels would be on simple timers, harder levels could have creepers as well.. Blazes and ghasts would be impossible I imagine.

  • First Last 1 week ago

    Hey Etho, It’s nice to see you do something you want to do. I can see the heart you put into projects you’re interested in.

  • Wolf_KittyYT 1 week ago

    just lol… justtt lollll

  • zaclassical 1 week ago

    Make a shapeshifting house that changes the way it looks at the press of a button!

  • alex pedersen 1 week ago

    why is he almost not making videos anymore?

  • Tom Snively 1 week ago

    Since one piece of Blast Protection is as good as four, could that be the same for regular Protection? I’ve noticed that one piece of Fire Resistance is also very helpful. Maybe the best is one Blast Protection, one Fire Resistance, one Projectile Protection, one Protection.

  • Сергей Осипов 1 week ago

    hello mei nemi is Ksenia Я люблю Minecraft

  • Jordan Mewhorter 1 week ago


  • legotechnic27 1 week ago

    we need map making series!

  • pepsi Atlas 1 week ago

    now that takes me back. what a classic. dont suppose you’re headin into the nether with that are ya?

  • Caleb Angell 1 week ago


  • stephane todesco 1 week ago

    Favorite channel to watch when i’m sick:)

  • I was so scared you stopped this world PHEW

  • MinecraftProduced | Monster School: (Minecraft Animation) 1 week ago

    Cool episode! Like it 🙂

  • Xavier Quinones 1 week ago

    You can mending book by fishing

  • EXP Eater 1 week ago

    13:30 why not just eat a notch apple before entering

  • Luke Brandon 1 week ago

    How do you get the llamas to walk around sandy city?

  • Mr. Meme 1 week ago

    Do you know about 1.13 yet?

  • Angus Carruthers 1 week ago

    Any opinions on the switch Etho?

  • jkill959 1 week ago

    You forgot to factor in what a resistance beacon will affect you when you try different armor types and distances

  • Lachlan Cunningham 1 week ago

    For anyone asking about Etho’s influence on minecraft TNT; he is responsible for the chaos cannon, which St3venAU modifier in his Minecraft Over-Engineering series (episode 4)

  • Joshua Brown 1 week ago

    Etho, use some other block like chests or hoppers instead of the item frames. It might not be pretty, or easy, but it will work

  • Joey Ebeling 1 week ago

    Hey Etho, I love to watch your videos. When I came back from my three hour lab and saw that you uploaded a video a couple days ago I was ecstatic and excited! But something that you said my me think a little bit. You said that the video was getting long and that you wanted to do some stuff off camera so that the video could be wrapped up faster.
    I just want to say that you shouldn’t be afraid to not finish a project in a video. We’d love to be there with you as you work through how to finish something that you enjoy building, even if it means it will take an extra video for something to get finished. But if you’re trying to avoid the backseat gamers, I understand why try to wrap everything up in one video.

  • Zappy 1 week ago

    So close to 500!

  • Particular Equality 1 week ago

    Etho. Start a new world. you’ll have a ton of stuff to do again haha

  • moonlander03 1 week ago

    I have been waiting for this .. GG Etho

  • moonlander03 1 week ago

    You should give a try to YLANDS… I’m sure this would be your jam ETHO !!

  • Mr. DaLeX 1 week ago

    world download in 500 ????plz !

  • Power 1 week ago

    I binge Minecraft and just play it 2-4 months out of the year for like 10 hours a day (I’ve been doing this since late 2010) and every time I’ve been able to come back and watch etho every time he never gets burnt out

  • syafkhi 00 1 week ago


  • Seymore Butes 1 week ago

    should have use a tripwire to trigger the “missile” tnt dispencer otherwise there is a chance that you drop in the missile tnt without a charge resulting in the cannon blowing up

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