• Jordan Heslop 3 months ago

    i think this new area is the breath of fresh air that this series needed, good job etho. also i think a low slab which is nether themed would be good for a portal, may also make it more convenient getting to the new base

  • Chancellor Wewuz 3 months ago

    How was I not notified?!?! Nice to see let’s play episode!!! Don’t start a new world. Just move away and build somewhere else. I like watching you build. I honestly don’t want to watch you start all over again. Usually the first episodes on a new world are super BORING!! Lol! Just my two cents!

  • Ryan Combs 3 months ago

    So I think you should make the new area based off the hanging gardens of Babylon. I think that’s good influence for what you’re doing and it would look beautiful.

  • fine93 3 months ago

    some games never get boring, i play dota and minecraft and those games have a tone things you can do every time you log in, sadly only the devs can ruin the game for you, thats what happend to dota….

  • Sotan81 3 months ago

    Hi I’m 36 and I love ur videos specially the mob stuff. Keep up the good stuff 👍👍

  • frognik79 3 months ago

    Should have just waited for the aquatic update and moved to a newly generated ocean and make a modular underwater dome base.

  • Spotter 3 months ago

    i just started watching this series. I’m on ep. 6. Wish me luck

  • Noah Alvard 3 months ago

    I love the new idea for the base. Your last base was basically all underground. I can’t wait to see how tall you decide to make this one.

  • Drag Boy 3 months ago

    I wish we could play this map in pe ;’)

  • funnyrick01 3 months ago

    I love this way of building the new base! So simple yet so cool looking.

  • Charlie Campbell 3 months ago

    Odds of etho finishing this project are the same as Steven hawking writing another book.

  • Dat Hong 3 months ago

    Nap been with ya since the time when cows didn’t give meat

  • Eric Gregson 3 months ago

    Take a shot everytime he says slab from here on

  • Clarion 3 months ago

    Etho, necessity is the mother of all invention. Why make a base when you have all the resources you’ll ever want? The reason the other bases failed is their were devoid of purpose. Without purpose there’s no reason to continue building a base. I think if you start a new world you’ll have much more fun and you’ll have more to do. You’ve practically run out of things to do. Take what you learned and start over and do it better the next time. This a Buddhist premise represented by the sand mandala.

  • Matorral 3 months ago

    I love everything about the design idea, but the idea of leaves blocks as a building thing, i hate it with a passion between 2011.

  • Phily N. 3 months ago

    I’m also in my twenties and I still love watching every singe video on your channel. There are not many YouTubers out there that I watched for so long, but you never fail to deliver videos I can relax to. Even if I don’t play Minecraft myself anymore I kind of get the urge to try new stuff everytime I see you mess around with new ideas. Keep the videos coming. We all enjoy them very much =)

  • Drew Laslo 3 months ago

    Etho, you are the gold standard for Minecraft youtubers in my mind. I’d much rather watch someone talk me through what he’s doing in a friendly mentor kind of way over someone spazzing our looking for views/subscribers. Thank you for being the sane one in the psych ward that is YouTube. Keep up the excellent work my friend!

    EDIT: Are you going to make any snapshot videos of the aquatic update like you have in the past for other releases? I’m curious about your take on it so far beyond the lagginess and glitchy hoppers.

  • 966Broadcast 3 months ago

    Etho’s Lab’s Slab Lab

  • Dipocles 3 months ago

    yay change!

  • Oli414 3 months ago

    Well shoot, you’re onto us. We’re all old now. For me personally, I haven’t played Minecraft for years and rarely watch Minecraft videos anymore. However, I haven’t missed a single episode of Etho plays Minecraft. Been here since the start and it is always awesome to see what you’re up to in a world that you’ve gotten to know so well. Keep it up!

  • Tricksterking 3 months ago

    I started watching when I was really young amd now I am 19! I think you are the only minecraft channel I really watch any more since your content is really interesting, you always build such cool stuff that inspires me to play the game every now and again

  • Maltager 3 months ago

    Yep, I’m 20. Watching since I was about 16 I think.

  • Michał Ostrowski 3 months ago

    Etho, you can do your base designed for elytra – with floating high slabs and waterfalls (if you lost elytra and still need to get high up). Than you go from one chunk of slabs to another every so often like your Project Ozone 2 series.

  • ninjahobo1510 3 months ago

    Hey Etho,

    I’ve been watching your videos since I was 13/14 back in 2011 starting on episode 105 and the new world, so coming up on 7 years! I haven’t really played minecraft since 2013, but I haven’t missed a single video of the SSP series. Even though I haven’t played the game in 5 years, I still enjoy watching your videos. So calm and relaxing! I’ve done the same thing with A Friend and his runescape videos. I haven’t played that game in like 9 years! I don’t really have much time for video games now due to engineering school. I think you’re analytical approach to minecraft made me want to apply the same thought process to the everything… hence the engineering major. Have a wonderful day.

    P.S. maybe it is time to start a new world and do it all again!

  • GeneralFlagg 3 months ago

    Hey Etho, the jungle slab base is an awesome idea, but it would also be great to see some more fluid builds for decoration nearby. I think when you are done with this some treehouses or a suspension bridge between some hige trees would look great, and it would break up the green.

  • Get Murk'd 3 months ago

    I started watching you when I was 6 or 7 and you’re still my favorite YouTubers. Thank you for not swearing that’s the only reason my mom and dad let me watch you. yes, I did get tired of Minecraft for a while but i watched one of you’re videos and now people at school tease me for playing/watching Minecraft but I do it because you are the best

  • OxD15EA5E 3 months ago

    I’m really happy to see you making a comeback and starting a new project 🙂 Keep up the good work Etho!

  • Specler X 3 months ago

    I’ve been here since like 5-6 years, and loving every video, no matter what! You, Sir are great! (And my favourite youtuber!) ((No matter what))

  • Everyday Gaming 3 months ago

    Please upload LP more !

  • Kayray ree 3 months ago

    I haven’t played minecraft in close to 7 years now. I still watch every single video of yours, mostly cus it’s very chill and its fun to watch while i eat or just feel really lazy.

  • midKnight redd 3 months ago

    “Mr. Slab” how do you think your new city will fair with the new block textures coming out? Will they enhance your build or clash with the image/idea of the build you have in mind? Are you going to work with them or around them in order to accomplish what you already have in mind?

  • Everyday Gaming 3 months ago


  • Everyday Gaming 3 months ago

    DO ETHO 3.5

  • Eitan Pessin 3 months ago

    Etho don’t end your Minecraft series! If you started a new world we would just see you build the same things again instead of new content.

  • Skaliber 3 months ago

    Etho! I started watching your videos just after you started the 2nd world, and I watched your videos religiously for about 3 or 4 years. I’ve come back occasionally, every 20 episodes or so, to see how you were doing, but very recently I’ve started watching your videos again, and I watch every single one. I’ve been back and watched your original series already, and I think starting the 2nd world was the most interesting thing you’ve ever done. If you start a 3rd world, I know it’s gonna be exactly the same as it was for me all those years ago. I’ll be watching every. Single. One. Wait for 1.13 to come out, and I think it’s time 🙂

    Thank you for being such a huge part of my childhood, and potentially my adulthood…?

    Keep making amazing videos either way

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