• Ben Brinkerhoff 1 month ago

    when 1.13 comes out. i hope that mumbo gets credit with all the mind-blowing machines he has invented!

  • Denis Vandebenderie 1 month ago

    Build a manual 3×3 piston door

  • MCMeatBox 1 month ago

    /kill @e[type=!Player]
    to just kill everything except yourself. can be useful when clearing items of the ground.
    quot from harkatt it would be better to use /kill @e[type=item] because /kill @e[type=!Player] would kill all entities and if you have other entities on the worl you build this it would kill them so use /kill @e[type=item]

  • Some Kid 1 month ago

    Try using world edit when you make creations that involve modules, it will save a lot of time, also, you should take a look at Grian’s world edit tutorial is you are going to end up using it.

  • Kay's Kreations 1 month ago

    Oooooh so many things you keep coming up with that are so cool …hahaha this is totally awesome 💕

  • Fiercepuffin 1 month ago

    You can also find perfectly good waves in real life.

  • Imat Hogwarts 1 month ago

    Mumbo: Ive over complicated things. *builds crazy wave machine* yes yes much simpler

  • Mr inquisitive 1 month ago

    263 😉

  • Michael Wyatt 1 month ago

    So many awesome quotes for the techno remixes! “Freaky” “…but smooth!”

  • Ollie 150 1 month ago

    you should disable particle effects in the options menu to reduce lag

  • BrenTDEurie Minecraft Adventures 1 month ago

    your video is a bit jittery

  • Aragorn Jocson 1 month ago

    I was expecting this

  • matheus pipin 1 month ago

    That was amazing

  • TheFireTakerWater Emmanuel Lexis 1 month ago

    Also put Magmablocks.

  • Bobby Tarantino 1 month ago

    This guy is overrated. He’s an average redstoner. If you even try to learn about redstone, you’d be in the same level as him.

  • RBFlesky 1 month ago

    could’ve just done /gamerule doTileDrops false

  • Jovan Plavsic 1 month ago

    That was satisfying

  • TexanBossGuy 1 month ago

    Make a hidden entrance inside of a portaloo

  • jeremy tejero 1 month ago

    Dear Mumbo Jumbo

    I’m trying to figure a way to combine these two red stone contraptions, I’ve done it in creative and it work there but when I’ve tried to build it in survival something won’t give. If you have time and you look through and see if you can make it more combated? Thank you

  • Skyler Kidder 1 month ago

    Mumbo do /gamerule doTiledrops false that way there wont be as much lag

  • Motion Crazy 1 month ago

    How is that possible

  • manlego031 1 month ago

    how i play 1.13 on teamextreme launcher?

  • Sruthik Warface 1 month ago

    I stopped playing Minecraft but i still watch you 😃

  • Al Weighs Wright 1 month ago

    The end result looks like an eel

  • Muntas 1 month ago

    How does Mumbo deposit multiple stacks to dispensers from a single stack of items?

  • Snake King 1 month ago

    Lava lamp 2.0?

  • Sebastian Burgoyne 1 month ago

    993rd comment SO EARLY

  • Weikai 46 1 month ago

    Turn off all particle effects, thank me later.

  • Thomas Orr 1 month ago

    it’s confirmed mumbo needs a new much stronger computer

  • It's Thinzy 1 month ago

    Make a printer using a wave machine :3

  • pancake888 1 month ago

    how to make the sand bounce? xD

  • Wheres the og minecart wave???

  • reuben reed 1 month ago

    another reason why mumbo is such a brilliant example of what youtube should be is that he makes use of the community aspect of this platform and interacts with his fans

  • reuben reed 1 month ago

    i just recently moved over to java edition and have been experimenting with thriving underground with out going over ground i found it to be very fun and challenging at first but as i spent more and more time not going above ground i started to lack inspiration and drive so maybe not the best idea for a hermitcraft season but the hermits are an incredibly talented and hard working group so who knows?

  • Javaria Qazi 1 month ago

    Gr8 vid m8

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