• Pedro Vasquez 10 months ago

    Guys the person that was called reach hack was not hacking lol he was close to you guys if he had reach you guys wouldn’t be able to even touch him those were not hacks but the anti KB person u can understand

  • tootootoopow Robloxmaster 10 months ago

    can you do the one life challengewhat you do is you destroy your bed and try not to die at all so destroy the bed first. then try not to die

  • dkofficialchannel 10 months ago

    i hate them hacking cunts

  • Isai Santamaria 10 months ago

    I hate hackers who does to

  • Lily Laughs 10 months ago

    Play same ark

  • iFrostyxx 10 months ago

    That’s when you could wish they get banned from minecraft for life

  • Charlieto 10 months ago

    i was raging just seeing this when u put it on twitter. it just shows how noob they are. cant win without cheating

  • William GameNight 10 months ago


  • DinoKing5106 Gaming 10 months ago

    what texture Pack are you using

  • Happyfeet0502 Happyfeet 10 months ago

    There so stupid ignore them ash

  • Jp123 Gamer 10 months ago

    I hate hackers

  • Luca Jones 10 months ago


  • Babanbobo2 10 months ago

    Ash and squid seem to have problems with hackers so here is a quick tip. do /wdr (username) (type of hacks) to report someone!

  • popularme647 10 months ago

    Ash u are awsome they hack cuz they arent good at playing and Noobs LOL 😂😂

  • Axiasal Salaxia 10 months ago

    mc hypixel can you ban who ever hax in this bedwars

  • Carly Ackerman 10 months ago

    Man I hate hackers so much

  • bluedinoplays 10 months ago

    I think the people who disliked the vid are the hackers

  • Snottyturtle 16 10 months ago

    Hi ash you’re the best

  • Adam McEvoy 10 months ago

    unreal thumbnail anyone wi me ?

  • Adam McEvoy 10 months ago


  • Al -Allen 10 months ago


  • iamasquid5 And SADDIAMONDBOY//Junkboy555 10 months ago

    Am I the only one who LOVES Ashs speed outros?!

  • Brick World 10 months ago

    If they tab once- it okay 100 times like the white team? Not okay

  • Ender Alic 10 months ago

    I could listen to ur intro aaaalllll day it’s sooo great

  • The Beast Of Robloxia 10 months ago

    Ash can you play minecraft

  • The Beast Of Robloxia 10 months ago

    Ash can you play minecraft with me I am a noobie at minecraft computer can you help me

  • Mapman42 10 months ago

    Nothing more proves the problem of hacking more than this video. It’s been 14 games of Bedwars since I’ve had a game where nobody has cheated. It’s so stupid and anyone who is doing this I urge you to stop because all it does is ruin the game for other people. If you cheat then you are proving that you are either horrible at pvp or hate Minecraft and just want to ruin it for other people. If you don’t fall under either of those categories and you do cheat, then you haven’t made a good impression on the Bedwars community.

  • CarCar - 10 months ago

    Hackers ruin everything

  • Seththeboxtroll 1 10 months ago

    They had more than ten hearts ash did u see that they hacked there number of hearts

  • CoolBoiGamin 002217 10 months ago

    How do u make it to do that?

  • CoolBoiGamin 002217 10 months ago

    The tap in thing

  • Wither team 10 months ago

    Awesome vid Ash😄😄😄

  • Laughing Out Loud 10 months ago

    It’s no fun when people cheat. It ruins the game for us as well as them because they know they will win every time. What is the point in playing if you do nothing????

  • Orlando J Rivera 10 months ago

    ash wen i look at you i get hungry you look like cheese

  • Javier Luna 10 months ago

    boss ash boss ash boss ash

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