• UnspeakableGaming 1 month ago

    CONTEST : Let’s see who can be the LAST comment on this video!

  • Ella Barnett 4 weeks ago

    next one make your body big and buff and break the wall and do the jonh cena song

  • Ruben Hakobyan 4 weeks ago

    I love all your videos

  • Renzkiee Gaming 4 weeks ago

    I’m last!

  • Kawaii Gamer 4 weeks ago

    Where did you get the skins?

  • Aimee Stephenson 4 weeks ago

    Moose wins

  • Karswel Grasias 4 weeks ago

    Hahaha lol

  • Rugile Smile 4 weeks ago

    Im last

  • viola chen 4 weeks ago


  • Progamer99990 S 4 weeks ago

    Im last!

  • Shadow Exocet 4 weeks ago


  • A Krasniqi 4 weeks ago

    S l I m e

  • Diam0ndMineac 4 weeks ago

    UnspeakableGaming I have one word for you: yawn*. the vid was so boring. Sorry, I couldn’t laugh I was so tired. I wish this never happens again but it happens all the time.
    PS: I’m not hating you. I can’t control my reflex to laugh or grin

  • Action23 4 weeks ago

    Unspeakable smells like a rotten frog!!

  • Matthew 4 weeks ago

    I watch wwe and John Cena is my favourite

  • Ali Hussein 4 weeks ago

    Make more daycare and keep being the best of the rest keep up you good work❤️💙

  • Shelby Breeze 4 weeks ago

    You are funny and hilarious but you are the best person in YouTube 😘

  • Snake V12 4 weeks ago

    Nathan can you try fortnite ?

  • Ian Gaminggood 4 weeks ago

    What is the mod

  • ihascupcake 12 4 weeks ago

    Preston won😊😊

  • rosie rose 4 weeks ago


  • Felix Fallaver 4 weeks ago

    play roblox

  • alaa ahmed 4 weeks ago

    Me the last comment

  • Felix Fallaver 4 weeks ago

    im dying with laughter plz make more also play ROBLOX plz

  • Tạ Quý Phú 4 weeks ago

    Mật lồn ăn cắp í tưởng của oops clubs

  • BlazeGaimingCyber Goat 4 weeks ago

    I almost cried laughing through the whole video

  • Tina Newman 4 weeks ago

    1 like = I fast derpy sqword

  • ItzJogaileOMG LTU 4 weeks ago

    Am i the last comment? 😀

  • Julia Modzelewska 4 weeks ago

    Who did laugh?

  • Borage Wahge 4 weeks ago

    I was laughing till my stomach ached

  • Shelley Joy 4 weeks ago

    I love you guys 💖

  • Sillu1O1 4 weeks ago

    Unspeakable laughs like a teenage girl!

  • Arvydas Žutautas 4 weeks ago

    no oan won

  • OMG ITS A BANANA 4 weeks ago


  • Hucklee Vlogs 4 weeks ago

    love you

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