• Luca Corticelli 1 month ago

    what is the seed

  • marlon plato 1 month ago

    Shark could you do a granny horror game hide and seek please

  • I play ghost pop Guevara 1 month ago

    Mi starting my chanel

  • I play ghost pop Guevara 1 month ago

    And why is mooscraft here

  • BendyTheDemon 1 month ago


  • Jermaine Cifra 1 month ago

    You have the best minecraft vids especially about the horror maps

  • Alex Kurzyna 1 month ago


  • JEff 100 1 month ago


  • Az Uzziel Sucaldito 1 month ago

    What is the seed

  • GH0ST JED1 1 month ago

    I can haz da cookie

  • gamingwiththehipsterman Clark 1 month ago

    Granny is actually nice in the daytime I don’t know that but try that for yourself and she’s probably evil in the nighttime

  • Tillie Davis 1 month ago

    Play granne with moose and unspeakable!!!!

  • Dylan Pentinio 1 month ago

    your such a faker can you do areal video like factions or skyblock

  • MasterDunks 1 month ago

    You’re thick

  • Vipershot22 1 month ago

    Not taken for ompaville or anything

  • Harley Clarke 1 month ago

    This game is sooooo scary

  • Kelli Anne Jane Leonardo 1 month ago

    what is the seed shark?

  • theam NAVY theam 1 month ago

    part 2 part 2

  • Jovanne Apas 1 month ago

    Good game

  • Laurence Andrei Jayco 1 month ago

    what seed is that?

  • 08zeromax Gamer 1 month ago

    Is this granny day? Eystreem and you did the video on the same day

  • GT Gamer 1 month ago

    Granny is a horror game its scary a bit

  • Victor Dulgheru 1 month ago

    wow shark you just saved my job im seroius if u new im acutally trying to help you like we all need to protect ourselfs and the world

  • Victor Dulgheru 1 month ago

    the gods will tell you some thing soon….

  • Sam Jenkins 1 month ago

    Shark is the best Youtuber ever, like if you agree so that shark can see

  • Carter Laing 1 month ago

    Shark is first because he is the YouTuber

  • I Love Minecraft 1 month ago

    The real granny is more scary dude

  • Mark Edwards 1 month ago

    Tell me the single hour hello everybody it is if I don’t see a problem with fake

  • Mark Edwards 1 month ago

    Tell me the sea

  • Zane Ferreira 1 month ago

    you suck nathins ausom

  • Michael Kuhlmorgen 1 month ago

    Can you please release the seed for granny’s house. Like if you agree.

  • hannah rose ann 1 month ago

    Shes not going to kill you becuse i saw

  • Mthed Gaming 1 month ago


  • Liz Dean 1 month ago

    I’m noo jor win de grendi

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