The oldest Minecraft video on the internet


  • achild withadrinkingproblem 1 week ago

    Hey here’s a small suggestion (If you already made it link me) But something along the lines of good uses for TNT.

  • The Suburban Woodsmen 1 week ago

    That looks so weird

  • Elephant lover2000 1 week ago

    I’m getting a HD Capture card I’m so excited

  • xVoltaik Eradicator 29x 1 week ago

    Toycat stop put putting toilet ads at the front of videos 🙁

  • TheScorpion 101 1 week ago

    I’m gonna live to watch you from the chandelier, from the chandelier

  • Bigairports 1 week ago

    You should remake the first Minecraft house with modern blocks.

  • Kiwi_91 1 week ago

    lets get notch to 100k

  • Kiwi_91 1 week ago

    i wonder what will be the last

  • TheBeast101 1 week ago

    The mother of all caves…..

  • #Diamant TV/ #Diamond TV 1 week ago

    Tho golden Minecraft is dead.

    only 6 years toxic kids play it now. that sad. when some one play in steve or alex skin they will call you : haha noob look at him he sucks. u dont know how to change your skin. kids ruined the game. the 70 millionactive Minecrafters are 80 procent kids.
    Rip minecraft 2012 – 2016

  • CoolBoom TNT 1 week ago

    Q and A do u think they MIGHT add dog varietsbits would be cool

  • MarziMations - Gaming and Animation 1 week ago

    Nooooooo the facecam is weirdddd

  • Fresno Walking pants 1 week ago


  • DaJaun Anderson 1 week ago

    That end card tho

  • ripper 69964 1 week ago

    Did you know that you can use keyboard and mouse on xbox one bedrock edition?

  • The Ottomeme Empire 1 week ago

    Lucky you, for some reason those videos are blocked in the United States so that means that I can’t watch them. I have no idea why they made Notch’s old videos restricted by region, it’s not like they contain anything that my country’s government wouldn’t want me to see… Or do they?

  • Minecraft Travis 1 week ago

    When it’s the game coming out though?

  • Morty Smith 1 week ago

    The old Steve mobs walk weird

  • The Studio K 1 week ago

    Them tiles are lit

  • Lunar Strike 1 week ago

    minecraft is dead move on

  • Jordan Lu 1 week ago

    Talk slower jesus

  • Fire Duck 321 1 week ago

    I like new and old MC

  • Damon Himeji Higgins 1 week ago

    2009 – Minecraft’s prehistoric year

  • MrzChillz Doge 1 week ago


  • Smef 1 week ago

    Minecraft IS dead-er than it was previously. Doesn’t matter that there’s more players. There’s more massive company interference and not as much soul left there. There’s, at least less, life left in the game, no matter how many tiny children start to pick it up and use their mom’s credit cards. I somewhat-love the game, but I think the creators could actually fix the game and add things people really want instead of slappin’ shiz on there and saying it’s a done job.

  • THE OFFICIAL GOOD JSE 1 week ago

    Was it notch’s channel or was it yours?

  • SanctuaryReintegrate 1 week ago

    I remember making a giant sphere out of stone in one of the really early versions of the game.
    The version that had trees and caves, but the water would expand infinitely to every block of air at or beneath its level. Water would ruin your builds back then. Want to build a giant underground chamber? Nope, broke the wrong block and flooded the entire thing.

  • Crazy 1 week ago

    Actually, some of those versions are playable and can be downloaded if you just look it up.

  • Kris Johnstone 1 week ago

    I still have some of the really old versions floating around somewhere on a drive.
    survivaltest.jar was a fun one to try survive in. It was hard as balls. Makes the game now look trivial.
    The old Minecraft Classic versions as well. Long before survival mode was even a concept.
    I don’t even know if Minecraft Classic works any more. Weird to think about it now because loads of people these days would have preferred if Minecraft classic still existed given the number of people that exclusively play creative mode. But it sorta got rolled in to Creative mode in a horrible way. Still nowhere near the same.
    I remember that World of Minecraft client, which I still hilariously haven’t removed from my quicklaunch bar. Injected code in to Minecraft that let you fly and run really fast.

  • Ibxtoycat Mom 1 week ago

    And That’s how my child has started his own journey 😉

  • Nathaniel Grauel 1 week ago

    Forget all the other you tubers, I’m just going to watch Nizzotch now🤪

  • Lip Fairilu 1 week ago

    Back in 2009 – Wow! An Infiniminer copycat
    Now – Nope, Minecraft is not copycat of anything.

  • Zachary Gayhart 1 week ago

    wat happened to the channel? he deleted it

  • CaptainPug 75 1 week ago


  • Famous TV 1 week ago

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