• MrFudgeMonkeyz 1 week ago

    Hope you guys enjoy this one! I need more time working on AV29 :[ Have an awesome rest of your day/night! 🙂

  • Calvin Jonathan 1 week ago

    Freddy is like my friend playing fnaf lol

  • MCrafterGamin03 XD 1 week ago


  • Toby Bramley 1 week ago


  • cj ayers 1 week ago


  • Dominic Clarence 1 week ago


  • cj ayers 1 week ago

    What the FUCK is this shit?

  • Roseanne Goddias 1 week ago

    Herobrine never fails at being awesome


    I still love your animations they always put a smile on my face 😂.
    I love the dancing one so much, they have so much skills 😂

    Have a great rest of your day! 💜

  • Lynsey McKay 1 week ago

    When’s annoying villagers 29 coming?

  • Funtime Brett 1 week ago

    Poor Freddy.

  • Razol Datu 1 week ago

    I like your animation

  • Aavorie Oneal 1 week ago

    i know, that animation is unbelievable!

  • Octavio Lopez 1 week ago

    Five nights at fat herobrine

  • NAJWA PUTRI SASMITA 1 week ago


  • The EnderMaster1315 1 week ago

    In another universe in the fnaf world it’s like this

  • Luis Fernandez 1 week ago

    God animation 😂👍 8:10

  • Brian Level 1 week ago

    I love FNAF can make more

  • LordBidoof 1 week ago

    There are no pizzas
    There are tacos

  • FuturisticHub 1 week ago


  • FNAF 6 Guard Unknown [Five nights at Freddys] 1 week ago

    Lol early! 😀

  • King Gaming 1 week ago

    so funny about that yo cool wtf

  • ZackyMCAnimator V 1 week ago

    Fat herobrine is -ugly- cute

  • 112298. .0 1 week ago


  • Prismarine Colossus 1 week ago

    You should make a video where Grave or Steve come across Fat Herobrine and try to defeat him and see what happens.
    (The videos not part of annoying villagers or Fat Herobrine Life its only for fun or a requested video)

  • Herobrine 1 week ago


  • Herobrine 1 week ago

    i dont want pizza i want player Minecraft soul

  • Left Me A Lone Cross Water 1 week ago

    freddy is scared from villagers because they have big nose

  • Chaotic blaze 1 week ago

    I love it how the animation is top notch but the voices is funny making it good bad xD

  • seela sarén 1 week ago

    This is so so funny I can’t stop lauhging😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ricochet King 1 week ago


  • saad saad 1 week ago

    I want annoying villagers 29,30,so on

  • ugur berk çiftçi 1 week ago


  • Jeejean Lim 1 week ago

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHahhhhhhhx sjsjkskakalksjx swjmsheeheh

  • MR DenzilSchmit 1 week ago

    is very funny!!!!!

  • Eric Garcia 1 week ago

    Boi this is gay

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