• Leonard Church 2 weeks ago

    Ropo ro you going to finish the Lego Ninjago series I have one question to ask you what ro you going to do for the sacrifice of zane you do know who zane this right

  • Abdullah Ahmed 2 weeks ago

    little ropo you all ready had wepons

  • Logan Power 2 weeks ago

    How wins gets a snipr

  • pizza pizza pie 2 weeks ago

    do teams

  • Carl Justine Santos - 2018 2 weeks ago

    Baby Duck!

  • Jay Jay 2 weeks ago

    Is tiny turtle ok he dident post a video in a while

  • Danielle Rickel 2 weeks ago

    Add guns that do like no damage

  • Danielle Rickel 2 weeks ago

    And add less guns

  • Hambone 5608 2 weeks ago

    I haven’t watched u in a while sorry it’s been 1 year I haven’t seen ur last birthday late happy birthday I’m sorry so much I love u caz of ur really good vids I can still remember when u posted a video when iron man got captured good luck on YouTube your doing really good

  • Hambone 5608 2 weeks ago

    By the way in fort nite u don’t respawn

  • Hambone 5608 2 weeks ago

    Get the real fortnite it’s free on ps4 Xbox 1 and pc that’s what it’s free on

  • The Almighty DGK DemonKing 2 weeks ago

    Lol Why

  • Little Rossie 2 weeks ago

    ROPO!!!!!! 😎😎😎

  • Shervon Charlemagne 2 weeks ago

    Port of the beacon

  • Alex Tv 2 weeks ago


  • gemma collins 2 weeks ago

    I love you ropo

  • noblewarriorgaming 2 weeks ago

    Fortnite sucks like min ecraft

  • David Nartey 2 weeks ago


  • Rachelle Rua 2 weeks ago

    i play fortnite

  • Sofiane Berkani 2 weeks ago

    My brother plaise forthnicht
    Y not nonono……..

  • Cjdj 307 2 weeks ago

    ll and tt

  • alison dingwall 2 weeks ago

    Doo it online plees

  • moose army moosecraft 2 weeks ago


  • gabriel spenner 2 weeks ago

    what mod

  • SupremeLordCJ 2 weeks ago

    Now you just reaching for views

  • De'Arius Smith 2 weeks ago

    Bring in more people and turn off the light who turns it on first win

  • David Savage 2 weeks ago

    go ropo

  • Aydal40 Am so agent 2 weeks ago

    I can play fortnite in my Xbox 1 that I got for Christmas but am not live

  • Emmoni Salazar 2 weeks ago

    Why is there a flying bus?

  • Terminator X9000 2 weeks ago

    Do you even know rules of Fortnite? Rule 1 In Fortnite you’re not supposed to come back alive when you die. Rule 2 You’re supposed to drop loot when die. Rule 3 after dying you’re supposed to spectate your friends or enemies and finally Rule 4 In Fortnite there is supposed to have a storm coming in to kill you all. You’re missing all of these. Why don’t you guys the real Fortnite Battle Royale then maybe you’ll know the rules.

  • Victoria Mendoza 2 weeks ago

    If u want it to be more like fornite u can’t respawn

  • Carter Meyer 2 weeks ago

    Do everyone from the little club

  • Mckenzie O'Connor 2 weeks ago

    Ropo is the best

  • KIm Anh Tong 2 weeks ago

    Way to go almost at 1 millon subs keep it up

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