• Kristina Lea Silver 10 months ago

    YAY GenerikB Minecraft!!!!

  • Travis Smith 10 months ago

    I still remember the days of the hermicules challenges and the old organic slime farm. Good times gennybthanks for hopping back on minecraft for all the older viewers ❤️

  • spacephantomranger 10 months ago

    well crud genny now I have another minecraft series  to watch if you are playing again! should be a hoot. glad to see you at it again.

  • Rayleigh 10 months ago

    This is my personal opinion of course but after hearing about the decline pf hermit craft i have lost respect for alot of them the b team would’ve brought alot of publicity to the server just like beef etho and bdubs did and you cant deny that the other hermits view count went up when they joined, but as i said thats my opinion just wanted to voice my disappointment of them

  • Dragon'sGaming FTW 10 months ago

    Genny whenever your fighting don’t spam, you can do that anymore because of the 1.9 update. Also you should see a little white bar under your little plus symbol that’s a critical bar so wait till that’s full every time you swing.

  • Cpt_ FuzzyFace 10 months ago

    YAAAAAAS GENNNNNNNNY back at it again!

  • AprilJam 10 months ago

    Woohoo, hes back!!!

  • knus1959 10 months ago

    W E L C O M E back to Minecraft Genny. 🙂 🙂 🙂 <3 <3 <3 If i could, i would give you a mill. likes for every Minecraft ep. you are going to make. 🙂 Greetings from an old subscriber from Denmark.

  • Walter Melon 10 months ago

    Well i feel like the views and likes should be enough to say this is what a lot of people were waiting for hahaha
    25k views in 2 days!!! that’s amazing Genny!!!

  • PyroRL 10 months ago

    You should make a sprint key instead of double tapping W

  • Flow Flow 10 months ago

    🎵I’m so happy, u don’t even know I’m so happy minecraft with generikb🎵

  • MrUberbongo 10 months ago

    haven’t punched that like button in a long long time,…
    but generikb + minecraft,… OMG yes yes !!!!

    Smashing that thumbs up!!!!!!

    1. why aren’t you on Hermitcraft
    2. why don’t you p;ay with the Bdubs on Bteam??

    no no i am sorry for asking 🙂

    please try and get on the next season hermitcraft with the team.

  • Braxton Meyer 10 months ago

    He’s back!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yeah boiiiiiiii!

  • Yannick Ebner 10 months ago

    It’s back baby!😍

  • ha2oh 42 10 months ago

    There’s the mod ore excavator in the pack with which you can mine a whole vein of blocks instead of just one block. its like veinminer. You just need to go to controls and then configure it to a certain key and then you can press that key while you are mining a block and you while mine the other blocks from the same type as well.

  • Brand New 10 months ago

    Love the new Minecraft! You should consider playing the Skyfactory Modpack, its a very fun version where you have to rebuild starting from just a dirt block and a tree!

  • Arrowthagamer 15 10 months ago

    love it make more😂😂😂

  • Ol’ Genny’s back!!

  • Chris Barr 10 months ago

    I’m pissed off! now I’m tearing up Genny. So happy, ass. LOL

  • Will B 10 months ago

    Wait… Didn’t you create Hermitcraft? Not being let back into a club you started is kind of… Well, odd.

  • VikoHD 10 months ago

    yayyyy Genny minecraft 😉

  • BadJokeGamer 10 months ago

    I better see some flim flammin

  • Toasty The gamer 10 months ago

    Dang, I go away for a weekend, and couldn’t have had a better surprise!!!!

  • Pierre-Marc Hart 10 months ago

    Omg. I can’t believe it

  • Cujo Plays 10 months ago

    Welcome back to minecraft. But that gui is huge though haha

  • Pancake Trowsers 10 months ago

    hey generikb btw theres a cooldown on the swings so just spamming the click button isnt gona d oany damage . you have to wait till the bar goes back up to get full damage if u spam it its like only hitting for half a heart or less

  • Verruckter Schakal 10 months ago

    the stupid fools at hermitcraft should have let you back in. screw them!

  • Dissa1 10 months ago

    crop duster, you fart on crops to make them grow

  • Virgil R Garwood 10 months ago

    **side eyes his drink**
    there’s not supposed to be alcohol in this… but clearly…

  • TriWithMS 10 months ago

    You, Etho, Doc, BDubs, should start your own new server and invite a few others 👍🏼. I think i said I’d make a donation if you ever started doing Minecraft again…will do soon 👏🏽

  • Max Salmon 10 months ago

    Oh shoot, I missed this when it first came out! Nice!

  • Yea dude 10 months ago

    Bdubs is really into Chisels and Bits

  • TwiLord 10 months ago

    One of the Godfather’s of Minecraft, needing help to play the game. Glad to see you getting back into the game Genny!

  • Clayton Hayward 10 months ago


  • Daan Scatozza 10 months ago

    the little dirt guys are actually used as pets!

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