• Hassan Hameez Ibrahim 1 month ago


  • BlueWerePyre Gaming & Vlogs 1 month ago

    This is such poor acting like seriously even if they can’t see Jerome on Blades account or the commands he’s running you can still tell this is all set up because of Dasha complaining about people being in her spawn when Jerome was teleporting her around between Andrew and Austin to anyone who thinks otherwise and says this is legit come back to me when your older we’ll talk when you grow a brain

  • Mya Dean 1 month ago

    SO FUNNY do it again please

  • BlueWerePyre Gaming & Vlogs 1 month ago

    Really miss getting new content as well now it’s all just recycled ideas the newest thing to come out of this channel in like 2-3 months was the pixel ark but even then that’s just pixelmon in ark so is it really new

  • Kyle Breust 1 month ago


  • Alexander Elderhorst 1 month ago

    Sigil, ok by (video freezes)….. that timing

  • Tyrone Jone Arroyo 1 month ago


  • random mystery 1 month ago

    I am thou thou art I

  • Megan S 1 month ago

    Tewty left again?!?!?!?!

  • Megan S 1 month ago


  • Olga Vasquez 1 month ago

    Again jerome I mean why is blade your go to troller

  • CJ Kelly 1 month ago


  • Dark Knight0453 1 month ago

    /clear is too much, my stomach hurts from watching this XD

  • Gray Monster 1 month ago


  • Kian Kheirabadi 1 month ago

    I love my life

  • Jason King 1 month ago

    bilffle mad

  • Jason King 1 month ago


  • Aniq Syed 1 month ago

    I was laughing hysterically 😉

  • Patrick Selca 1 month ago

    That is how to keep a friendship guys. Take notes!

  • #TK-Dragon75! 1 month ago

    They actually do know that it was Jerome doing the nukes. I told Andrew on twitter and he liked the tweet, which means he saw it.

  • Dad Bob 1 month ago

    Do who you dady on minecraft

  • Bryce McWilliams 1 month ago


  • JOE TACO 1 month ago


  • Ater Sol 1 month ago

    Sooooo Triggeredddddd

  • SuckerNumber2 YT 1 month ago

    Yes!! This prank again!!! I love this one!
    Everyone turns against each other by the end!
    I love how everyone just blamed it on Austin.
    And how biffs inventory kept getting wiped!
    I was laughing so hard😂😂🤣

  • Jason Nguyen 1 month ago

    Best thing ever!!

  • Samdy Wu 1 month ago

    wheres Ben

  • ArchAngelHeavensAbove 1 month ago

    Why not try a real prank for once.

  • Kenya Armendariz 1 month ago

    Are we really doing this AGAIN!?!?!?! just asking 😛

  • BUDDER BADGER 1 month ago

    unfucking biff really 16:23

  • James Henderson 1 month ago

    Jerome can bluff like a pro

  • Sam J 1 month ago

    To be honest. This Jerome video is the first video in years that actually made me laugh out loud

  • lukesider W 1 month ago

    Ad filled video but worth it

  • DecBan63 1 month ago

    16:13 Jeromes face tho…

  • 2016 LIM WEN QUAN WARREN 1 month ago

    16:20 austion say fucking

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