“Goodbye” – A Minecraft Original Music


  • Blacklite District 4 months ago

    Thank you guys for all of the support, and a huge thanks to Raininator for using our music. We’re honored to be a part of this community! New music video dropping on our channel soon!

  • ANIMATOR GAMING 3 months ago

    why you kill the herobrine his soo cool not evil!!!!

  • andhika leonard 3 months ago

    this is the best animation ever
    the deat of herobrine

  • ANIMATOR GAMING 3 months ago


  • PRO100 KiVi 3 months ago

    Я так долго ждал этого. Или это не победа ? Только начало ?

  • andhika leonard 3 months ago

    are you gonna make season 2?

  • PRO100 KiVi 3 months ago

    Rainimator, thank you for such an interesting story

  • BART GAMER XD 3 months ago

    i love your rainimator songs and your passion for creating them! because you have to know that the songs are rough. regards!

  • MidnightKillsX ALT 3 months ago

    I’ve been watching on 2 accounts for ages on the whole story, If there is another one coming, Im hyped up!

  • Kenneth Campana 3 months ago

    Where’s rain

  • ENIGMATIC KHIGHT2 3 months ago

    the must i live rainnimator R.I.P Rainnimator

  • Lucas și punct 3 months ago


  • Farhan Malaysia OK bye 3 months ago

    Good music I give legendary

  • Priyanka Sinha 3 months ago

    I like goodbye keep it up

  • virgawan 0331 3 months ago

    why reanimator dead in (just so you know) why he live and come back with grilfriends from nether

  • ANIMATOR GAMING 3 months ago

    just kidding bro thats is cooool

  • ANIMATOR GAMING 3 months ago

    thats sooo Amzing!!!! 😀😀😀😀

  • Marshal Roger 羅渣諾 3 months ago

    So they got riffle
    Ender watchs: B’Gon Herobrine
    U R EZ

    Sorry I am being toxic lol
    Finally rain u did it <3

  • ANIMATOR GAMING 3 months ago

    sorry bro but that is sooo Amzing!

  • Кошмарный золотой Фредбер 3 months ago


  • taty sulystiani 3 months ago

    Is a amazing 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Marlon Galan 3 months ago

    i like it

  • Danielle the Awesome 3 months ago

    you should put jen in it too, and make a love story with pat cos that would be awesome

  • lynette thompson 3 months ago

    Is this the end? Or you will make part 5 and more

  • DefeatIsNothing 3 months ago

    When you Will make demons. Pls answer i love ur videos. I watched it 30 times

  • Rizkeeno Shant San Luis 3 months ago

    -Part 1- -Part 2- -Part 3- -Part -_-4-_ –Part 5- The last one Part 6

  • katherine desforges 3 months ago

    Part 6

  • Rizkeeno Shant San Luis 3 months ago

    3:52 goodbye herobrine.

  • Ms DarkstaR 3 months ago

    Never send a man to do a woman’s job!!!! CERIS!!!! Really wish Rain & his woman would have at least been mentioned!

  • Cai George Thomas 3 months ago

    I think you make the best minecraft songs

  • Kamekame goku 3 months ago


  • 皇皇家少爷 3 months ago

    Heroine never dead

  • Killer Clown 3 months ago

    ist this the Ende?

  • FordragonLord 724 3 months ago

    Herobrine is already dead

  • Reiland Gavin Flores 3 months ago

    herobrine shoud be imortal

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