• Itzchaos hi 1 week ago

    You cheated half the time but its not your fault because the map let you do it. For example, when you broke the iron doors in the playhouse

  • bluefire524 1 week ago

    I got this as an ad in the middle of this video

  • Nicholas Atzingen 1 week ago

    This freaked me out if I was streaming we’d have to censor the words out lol

  • Kaitlyn Maley 1 week ago

    You broke so much stuff that you didn’t even have the need to be into yet….you weren’t supposed to get in the playhouse till you had the key 😂 you cheated so much 😂

  • Mononobe Yuu 1 week ago


  • Daiden 11 1 week ago


  • Jair Cortes 1 week ago

    There was some thing to theTop right coner in the final dor

  • EnderReaper236 EnderReaper236 1 week ago

    OMG this is scary

  • EnderReaper236 EnderReaper236 1 week ago

    Im terevide

  • EnderReaper236 EnderReaper236 1 week ago


  • Gamer Ree 1 week ago

    I’m watching this at 12:44AM and I screamed and woke everyone up. this was terrifying and also I love the stream

  • Sydney Hoopaugh 1 week ago

    lol I love how he thought he was cheating because he turned on darker mode the first time without realizing!

  • Anthony Green 1 week ago

    Why would you put put blindness back on

  • Jovett Ryan 1 week ago


  • Robinator 1103 1 week ago

    Jerome you were blind because you had turned on darker mode.

  • Jovett Ryan 1 week ago

    Jerome you should play the original game that will help you just donwload the cheat apk

  • gamer 101 1 week ago


  • Christian Braegger 1 week ago

    Play granny the actual game

  • Josh Vigneswaran 1 week ago

    You should play the real game. Like if you agree

  • Emanuel Palafox 1 week ago

    Im watching this at 2:13 am

  • Xhoni Zenuni 1 week ago


  • John Tsunami 1 week ago

    16:00 XD

  • Harley Miller 1 week ago

    Genuine horror at 2.15

  • Lucas Hutchinson 1 week ago

    Jerome think about this she hit you through the door so she literally stuck her bat through the door and hit you in the head now you can not tell me that is scary

  • Son_of_GOD47 1 week ago

    “I am not going in the basement” runs down the stairs into the basement

  • Son_of_GOD47 1 week ago

    I don’t get scared easily but damn

  • Ash Hart 1 week ago

    f you you look like my crap today it stinks and it was big and it hurt my pekerballs its hairy like you and it is small

  • Aaron Ashead 1 week ago

    you didn’t break the map you were just pressing the sign not the dragon head that had a button under it

  • Larry Bird 1 week ago

    With 2 and a half min i was like GTFO

  • Amy Williams 1 week ago

    It is an option to be blind OR not

  • X Mystical_Potato 1 week ago

    When I saw granny I saw ben

  • Jeremy Karsten 1 week ago

    Jerome’s reaction is hilarious 😂😂

  • XYgaming 1 week ago

    The retardation

  • Strongdeth 1 week ago

    Just to say granny is not that scary it is just the newest horror game in the line remember five nights at Freddy’s people said that was scary because it was the newest horror game at that time

  • Jerome Ochoa 1 week ago


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