• Javed Akhtar 1 month ago


  • jun jun palabrica 1 month ago

    5/5 for lunar and lunar is good in build battle now

  • jun jun palabrica 1 month ago

    you should build a water park

  • John David Monforte 1 month ago

    stachues of you are 5 castle 2 waterpark 4

  • Raees Aidil Rozam Effandy 1 month ago

    Draco you are lazy potato

  • Erwin Soriano 1 month ago

    You need a place were frosty to land

  • poly pili 1 month ago

    Water park 4 Lunars statu 5

  • movie theater 1 month ago

    Waterpark:8 out of 10
    Castle:6 out of 10
    Krewstatue:10 out of 10
    And draco… i dont know cause he is not bulding anything

  • TheLazyBug 1 month ago

    10 out of 10 for LUNAR’S BUILD!

  • Jill Aurelline 1 month ago

    I give a 5star for the idea

  • Sara Ramos 1 month ago

    Your Dragon Your Dragon needs food

  • Jill Aurelline 1 month ago

    I mean krew

  • Gabe Star 1 month ago

    Funneh and Gold:4.5
    Rainbow:5500 most bootiful thing I’ve ever seen lol😂

  • Elizabeth Wilhoite 1 month ago


  • Jowen My 1 month ago

    Lunar is sooooo cute I think lunar win soooo yeah!?

  • Jowen My 1 month ago

    I think Luna get a five ster

  • Freya Montier-Weaver 1 month ago

    Pls build a tourture room and put Draco in it as punishment

  • Thats Jhena 1 month ago

    funneh pls do a video in krew craft of making frosty a bigger cave and making your town a store wich has clothes appliances like a mall but a smaller one pls but guys u actually really need to make frosty a cave like if u agree guys

  • Ngọc Huỳnh 1 month ago

    and Dominga is Queen Sassy-ning the I

  • kasandra ramos 1 month ago

    Funneh read this if not i will be sad ples build a krew wonderland or theme park

  • Mad Max 1 month ago

    I’m going to adventure world that is a waterpark and I’m going on the abyss for the first time can someone wish me good luck? I’m so nervous

  • Hakobyan Gohar 1 month ago

    lunners building 10 /10

  • Layan Ibrahim 1 month ago

    I love lunar thinks really cool

  • jasmine bea 1 month ago

    Only domiga the krew know and they forgot they kids

  • jasmine bea 1 month ago

    I want big big castle

  • Natrah Ahmad Fadil 1 month ago

    DRACO SUCH A LAZY POTATO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John Coronado 1 month ago

    Rainbow you lazy potato

  • Kristine Higgins 1 month ago

    make a pet shop

  • Ash plays games 1 month ago

    Funnel and golds 4 stars :lunar 5000:rainbow umm 2

  • Gaming club house :3 1 month ago

    Lunars 5
    Funneh and golds 5
    Rainbow 3

  • Rajesh Gurung 1 month ago

    I saw Draco with the villagers

  • ArticunoQueen Plays12 1 month ago

    Statue: 5.5(too cute to handle)
    Water Park: 4.5 (IT DO NOT KNOW DA WAE )
    Castle: 3.5 ( Such Plebby-Ness)

  • Gamer Boy 1 month ago

    Can u build a mall pls

  • I love you all love 1 month ago

    Draco is a lazy potato

  • Elliot Monika 1 month ago


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