• JackSucksAtLife 6 months ago


  • Filip Piorkowski 5 months ago

    Somebody once told me Somebody once told that the world saved jack cos he’s dying of pins.. I ate all the scumbags what beg for pinning. that the world saved jack cos he’s dying of pins.. I ate all the scumbags what beg for pinning.

  • shadecreations - zerino 5 months ago

    Do it on livestreamers. Like IF u agree

  • Please make more Herobrine stuff i love it 👍🏼

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  • All4Cookies 5 months ago


  • Poisen 5 months ago

    I love u m8

  • Ben The Star 5 months ago

    Roses Are Red
    Bluebells Are Blue
    Some People Are Scumbags
    Luuk Is Too!

  • Grass Daily 5 months ago

    Is this op facs or just facs

  • 1971BPS 5 months ago

    so what will you do for your 1000th video?!?!?:DD

  • OjOrangeJuice Joseph 5 months ago


  • TIGERonPC 5 months ago

    I’m not watching anymore of these until I get at least a clearer bitrate.. 720 upscaled from 480. That’s what it looks like. It’s bad..

  • Top Grand 5 months ago

    shortest season ever

  • skiitahoe 5 months ago

    Jack if u give them levitation or any bad effect add true at the end so they cant see the particles also theyll think there hacks are malfunctioning

  • Ice Scream 5 months ago

    0:00 Video Starts
    0:03 Intro
    0:30 Fanart
    0:35 News
    1:02 The trolling starts
    10:42 END.


  • Jonathan Ierawan 5 months ago

    Damn herobrine really get views

  • Daniel Lorje 5 months ago


  • Daniel Lorje 5 months ago

    Where is today videp

  • David Kim 5 months ago

    Is this server for cracked minecraft

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  • Mini_Me_Snipe 5 months ago

    I press the thumbnail and I see the most gorgues mooshroom cow

  • Mini_Me_Snipe 5 months ago


  • Andrew Rattray 5 months ago

    On SkyCade how do you get to the store

  • BrentTheGamer The Boss 5 months ago

    Man you’re only 6 episodes away from 100!! We need something big!! LIKE TURN SPAWN INTO A GIANT EGGPLANT!!!!!!!!! #ScumbagLuke <---Little scumbag

  • DKiro 5 months ago

    #scumbagluuk xd

  • Jacob Doherty 5 months ago

    jack should do a special for his 1000th video

  • Samer Abu Hasanin 5 months ago

    Jack What happend to joe? last time we saw him was like 2 months ago

  • Wixel 5 months ago

    I missed the good old banning Luuk days… LOL #ScumbagLuuk

  • Nunz 05 5 months ago

    2:39 Windows error sound

  • Dominic Kwan 5 months ago


  • Lillie Gerster 5 months ago


  • Tiernan Aiena 5 months ago

    Do the same thing but with yourself as the NPC instead of hero brine, so jack pops up

  • iSubbb BOIII 5 months ago

    Next trending video:

  • TheNeonGuy l Road to 100 subs 5 months ago


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