• Mike Whatley 3 weeks ago

    Forgot to comment when this came out :z

  • Ginger Loves Warriors 3 weeks ago

    Hey, guys. I know Preston won’t see this… But I don’t care. Preston you make me smile every day. Whether it’s raining, or hailing. Whether or not my sister won’t leave me alone. When I wear your merchandise I feel comfort. When I watch your videos I’m happy. YouTube means so much to me. But, it’s not the videos. It’s the people, who take time out of their day to make others happy. (Or make money, idc) Even when someone is going through hard times, there is always YouTube, whether it’s a funny cat video, or Preston. Or even Rob sometimes. Even when everything seems to hate you, YouTube is there. Preston, the pack. They are all there. And I just want to thank every single one of you. Preston you are just awesome, keep it up. Don’t give up on your dreams. (You can still be a fricking doctor) Just know, not konly do you have our backs. We have yours. <3

  • Banana_Cat _Gal 3 weeks ago

    You can do /effect (your name) jumpboost 2 35 99999

    And you can get infinite jump boost.
    You don’t need the ID you can just put the name

  • Dylan Le 3 weeks ago

    Shotgun plays Roblox? #UNSUBTOSHOTGUNRAIDS

  • XL Fries 3 weeks ago

    You were supposed to use ender pearls for the /give

  • J Wallace 3 weeks ago

    Im a hacker

  • Erika Gengania 3 weeks ago


  • Erika Gengania 3 weeks ago

    #shotplaysroblox 🙁

  • Lauren Steverson 3 weeks ago


  • Robert Durkin 3 weeks ago

    #unsub from shot

  • Robert Durkin 3 weeks ago

    Teach me ur ways

  • Arthur N 3 weeks ago

    JUST DO /effect @p jump_boost 10 10 FOR GOODNESS’S SAKE… PRESTON IS SO BAD AT COMMANDS… :'(

  • Meepmeep - Minecraft 3 weeks ago

    11:20 you can see preston banne shot. XD

  • Arthur N 3 weeks ago

    Did no one notice that they CHEATED on the 3rd lvl? This is a problem solving map!

    Edit: AND on the lava /give lvl… just give yourself a fire resistance pot!

  • ivy kephart 3 weeks ago

    okayyy jeez got it

  • Tim Brydson 3 weeks ago

    And now preston realises you can now type the name of the effect instead of the number

  • Paul Richards 3 weeks ago

    is shotguns skin roblox noob?

  • rottenbro FILMS 3 weeks ago

    Do more bed wars more

  • cobweb39 3 weeks ago

    /gamemode 3 insted of 1 lol

  • Jossy Norman 3 weeks ago

    I followed your instructions and got ban for 1week I playing Minecraft without hacking he

  • DEVON ECKELKAMP 3 weeks ago

    no joke i clicked on this video and the video i was watching b4 this made me crash lol i guess the lava mob is too op

  • I watch you every day

  • Lib Rica 3 weeks ago

    is it just me or is shotgun is wearing the noob skin from roblox

  • Aubrey loves Preston Playz 3 weeks ago

    I haven’t seen shotgun in a while YAY unsub to shotgun😎

  • Jeffrey Macaraeg 3 weeks ago

    i did the heart thing in pe

  • Galaxyboy 182 3 weeks ago

    300 subs without a video?!

  • Golden Terminator 3 weeks ago

    he is wearing a roblox shirt but playing minecraft…

  • TheRedPandaBoy The Animal 3 weeks ago


  • Miguel Rios 3 weeks ago

    Nice rap bid Preston against Noboom

  • Girlyn Yabut 3 weeks ago

    Wow amazing !😌

  • shaun themanc 3 weeks ago

    got my son asking for hacks cheers boffhead.

  • ALIEN POTATO 3 weeks ago

    I think with the /give one’s u needed to get epearls

  • TBNR_Turtle 3 weeks ago

    go to server 7dsins.beastmc.com 4 LOTS OF FUN!!!

  • l DA_LONE_WOLF l 3 weeks ago

    preston do a cod vid and call it prestonpleb

  • Its MehKat 3 weeks ago


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