• Sphinx Gamers 1 week ago

    Hey avo can I use normal piston with no block on it? It can push player so the cost of slime is cut down

  • Mad Mountie 1 week ago

    I usually make a 2 high cobblestone tunnel from my nether portal to my blaze farm so I can get there straight away without having to fight baddies. Great video, love the design of your blaze farm.

  • ZabNiteo Gaming 1 week ago


  • Pratik Solanki 1 week ago


  • Tildy Whale 1 week ago

    Hey Avo, do you reckon we could have a face reveal? Please?

  • Vkook Lover 4 life 1 week ago

    Great blaze farm Avomance! Can you make a slime farm that is easy to make.

  • Dreymasmith Dreams 1 week ago

    Great area for a Wither Skeleton farm as well. Jack-o-Lanterns also work well for blocking the blaze spawners and are easier to remove than the glowstone. Cool farm as always.

  • sahraoui rami 1 week ago

    So brilliant Avo… So brilliant… as usual love your video bro

  • John Young 1 week ago

    Loved the video can u try to do a enderman xp farm please

  • RedstoneGaming 1 week ago

    hey avo, thank you so much for this tutorial because i have been look for a blaze farm tutorial and the ones i find are either complicated for me or to hard, so again thanks so much for this tutorial! 😀

  • James Shipman 1 week ago

    Wonderful tutorial Avo 👍🏼. I recommend fire resistance potions (as many as you can brew) for the initial blocking of the spawner. Nearly all blaze damage is fire based so you can run around doing what’s needed all toasty warm.

  • WyattNelsonGames 1 week ago

    what are your computer specs?

  • Craft Prodigy Prodigy 1 week ago

    Please do what John Young said

  • PittCougar 1 week ago

    From the most simple mob farm concepts, straight to one of the most difficult! You can do it all, and in style! Thank you Avo, this design solves many of the issues of my version where the blazes get stuck in the shaft! Of course my mind is already running on how to shorten the shaft so I can be within the 16 block spawn range. I would prefer it if I don’t have to run up and down all the time. I could easily have made several of those mistakes made during your video, but you saved me from them! Haha! Beautifully functional. I’m loving this rebuild series your doing.

  • Nate Hill 1 week ago

    I look at all your videos and i,make them better if you want to see them tell me

  • Benjamin King 1 week ago

    could you cut costs by putting a layer or two around the inner wall of the spawn area, bringing it down to a 7×7 or 5×5?

  • ColorfulBear 1 week ago

    This is an awesome build and I’m glad you figured out how to fix the corner problem the one you built in avomancia had nice job!

  • Stanley Pantin 1 week ago

    Great build again Avo. good idea for clearing the corners. I did build the one from episode #13 but for some reason the spawner not spawning!! And I spent so much time getting it built, putting in three 4-chest high sorting system and even falling into the lava. Thank you Fire Protection!! There are two other blaze spawners nearby so I will build this one there as well and hope that it actually works. Everything will have to be built out of stone as ghasts are plenty-full around me for some reason.

    Keep your bow at the ready

  • - RllyGudGuy - 1 week ago

    Your pretty underrated for the quality of your videos

  • Angel Ripoll 1 week ago

    That is A LOT of work, and dangerous work at that, but the payoff is pretty darn sweet! One of my Nether portals is right next to a fortress so finding blazes to battle isn’t very hard. If it was more of a chore, I’d want each trip to count as much as possible, which is where this beautiful farm comes in. With my spawn, it’s just like popping over to the grocery for a loaf of bread.

  • Coil3dDr4g0n 1 week ago

    Great tutorial as always 👍
    Easy to understand and follow.

    Quick question….
    Is anyone else having issues with Avo’s videos. As in YouTube not notifying when it goes up? I double checked that I still have the bell clicked but not getting notifications

  • Rick Clark 1 week ago

    Nice one man. I need to work on my Blaze farm but it is such a pain to work with, literally. 😀 I do want those rods though.

  • Ben Creole 1 week ago

    Excellent vid and information as always Avo

  • padre 3005 1 week ago

    Graag van avo i was thinking YouTube may be abel to afk it if You put in one of these eyes that put out a signal to suffocate them .

  • What will happen if Ghast saw you there is a (100%) chance
    All that glass will….BOOM.

  • Joannah MTF Plays 1 week ago

    Great way to pass the time while sitting at the DMV for 5 hours

    Thanks for making the wait not boring.

  • Pancua 1 week ago


  • haydenwardq 1 week ago

    Will be making this soon;)

  • Kimberly Martin 1 week ago

    Disappointing your not doing this in survival

  • Jurpel -La 1 week ago

    oof you really need more loyal subs your channel is how i live properly without tearing my brain out

  • Lycourgos Xarchopoulos 1 week ago

    I think it is not survival friendly

  • Kira Gimino 1 week ago

    Any farm you make in the nether in survival, be prepared to “get deaded” a lot! Lol great video, love the explanations on why the system works, not just how.

  • beth thornton 1 week ago

    I love your red stone builds and I love how you always show how to build the things (FYI Beth is my mom my name is Sean

  • Hoot Owl 1 week ago

    Thank you for showing how to make a blaze spawner and making the world downloadable. I will definitely be downloading it so I have it for reference when I forget where I saw the build. Keep up the great content. Take care.

  • Governor Dig 1 week ago

    Great Tutorial! It took me 2 days to build this in survival, but it works great. Accidentally went afk for 6 hours, took me a half hour to kill all the Blaze and got over 12 stacks of blaze rods and over 30 levels.

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