A tutorial on how you can prepare for the aquatic


  • Jimi Raisio 1 week ago

    I like you

  • Jimi Raisio 1 week ago

    Minecraft aguatic update is coming 2018 spring!!!

  • It's Ya Boi Daniel 1 week ago

    The Horse model is bad now, they went to a modder to create it, and now they are trying to change it, come on

  • ¡!Etheral Ashes!¡ 1 week ago

    If I get a helmet with breathing 3 and a turtle shell…could i use them both? Like…get the 10 second water breathing and when it’s over I could switch to the helmet…but could I get the turtle shell on my head once more?

  • Grizzlygaming88 1 week ago

    QnA, what’s your best guess when the aquatic update will release for Xbox one

  • D A R K N E S S 1 week ago

    I play on console and 90% of my world is unexplored, cant wait for the update!

  • Victoria Amis 1 week ago

    There going to add all type’s of wood button’s and trapdoor,s in 1.13

  • rogierrainbow 1 week ago

    why don’t you show it all with the latest snapshot ?

  • PsychoEspeon 1 week ago

    when you meant by console, do you mean bedrock console or regular and actually good console edition

  • Мирослав Марков 1 week ago

    Is 1.13 coming to console edition?

  • Bob B 1 week ago

    New achievements or not

  • Transmedal2 1 week ago

    Cant we strip wood already

  • CJSM935 1 week ago

    toycat ur the most intelligent minecraft youtuber ever good videos

  • Jason Ruthven 1 week ago

    I’m so excited for this update for all platform pe switch PS4 console wii and windows 10

  • Kapparina 1 week ago

    Slow down your talking fggt

  • kwinzman 1 week ago

    I don’t play minecraft – and what is this?

  • Adam the golden boat 1 week ago

    Hugging zombies are in the video 🙂

  • Luke Thebaws 1 week ago

    do you speak english?

  • CatsGaming 1 week ago

    RIP totem of undying

  • Affan Ikhtiar 1 week ago

    Hei, just some suggestions i think you talk to quick, it make me tired processing what you’re talking about. But i still like your video, good job dude

  • SRRN or BWM 1 week ago

    When is it coming out?

  • The Boss80 1 week ago

    10% 1st 2nd
    30% how will I do
    30% thx for the helpful advise
    20% BOO
    10% will it be on PlayStation

  • Shakyballsmakeweirdsounds WhileIgodownthestairs:/ 1 week ago


  • Bogdan Bednarz 1 week ago


  • Norm Fishy 1 week ago

    q & a saturday what editions will update aquatic come to?

  • BlueMelonkid _ 1 week ago

    Is this update coming to PS4?

  • Steve Minecraft 1 week ago

    I’m so excited I’m when is it coming I’m really ready

  • The Decent Guy 1 week ago

    I.. um.. need captions

  • Thyx 1 week ago

    take a xanax guy

  • Cool Beans 1 week ago

    Toycat, the reason the guardians are there is because they where having a party

  • Mastergamer 38 1 week ago

    Whoa what about the 3ds😡

  • Gyapjas 1 week ago

    Is the update going to come to switch?

  • Avery Blosser 6 days ago

    To prepare I’ve designed a very complicated red stone air lock for an underwater base because I like being extra

  • chezzy gaming 6 days ago

    Is this for 360

  • KillaGhostRider 6 days ago

    whats in his left hand?

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