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  • Crono Plays 10 months ago

    I feel bad for Kenny, he must be crying in the inside lol

  • Slicedhambone 10 months ago

    omg, you ran past so many chests 😮

  • MasterJoshftw lol 10 months ago

    Hehe KENNY = funny and A dabber

  • I Play Games 10 months ago

    Florian sounds like the everythingapplepro guy

  • FireWraft 10 10 months ago

    Complains about not having things to spend on then complains about things being too expensive LOGIC.

  • Jc James Anolin 10 months ago

    Kenny does riding a horse or minecart work on your picaxe

  • Jc James Anolin 10 months ago

    Will the durability goes up

  • akaNarwhal 10 months ago

    Hey TBNR.

  • IAmPestii 10 months ago

    Yo kenny… ride on vikks casino minecart

  • Allison Price 10 months ago

    Build a rail system in a circle to build up your pick

  • Arthur Scherer Jr 10 months ago

    Hey, move the afk pool to your ig farm so you can make some money at the same time ; )

  • LoLo •_• 10 months ago

    My name is logan and the pigmen was named after me😂

  • Kelpo Gaming 10 months ago

    Are side and speedy in a relationship?

  • Omar Mahmoud 10 months ago

    the thing is that kenny shouldn’t buy any enchants from spawn cos it comes at a low level. EX:headleas goes to level V , enlightned goes to level V . it isn’t worth cos you may get a higher level from dungeons

  • Omar Mahmoud 10 months ago

    plz kenny for the sake of my sanity when you mute to talk to the super chats please mute the other guys.i feel like i am watching 3 vids at the same time

  • Edwin Legaspi 10 months ago

    I feel so bad about kenny…
    The others get like sharp 7, prot 6, and legendary token…

  • C7aZyBoi 10 months ago

    Finally some good custom enchants, you should work on dusting up the Dizzy 3 and Rekt 3 and put on your axe.

  • Junior Rion 10 months ago

    Do a Dungeon Week!!

  • Walmart Playz 10 months ago

    Do an episode with justin

  • Jonathan Huang 10 months ago

    i bet kenny is going to die to a skeleton or zombie or creeper by the next episode.

  • TheGrayKing22 10 months ago

    You can use ice to make you faster

  • Kealani Escalera 10 months ago

    I like how the dungeon breaks whenever Kenny goes 😂

  • LordOfSnD GG 10 months ago

    Kennymissed first loot lul

  • Alec Ovan 10 months ago

    I feel bad for you. You’ve been screwed over one too many times. You sound like your on the edge of quitting h4m. Hopefully not

  • JRawls2 _ 10 months ago

    im just gonna yolo boom o my god it worked lmaooo

  • MEGAtr0n TV 10 months ago

    Kenny if you go to Pete’s house and on his main floor there is a money note given to him by florian for like 76miion dollars. You should go to his place deposit the money and take like 3 million and withdraw the rest and put it back lol

  • TWD Jakobe 10 months ago

    This should be on 1.12 so people can use the other blocks

  • Shaytoon Vainglory 10 months ago

    Kenny play Nations at war maybe with Preston too please 🙏

  • Laurie Vu 10 months ago

    hi florian

  • HarleyTheGamer HTG 10 months ago

    I don’t have Twitter

  • Marshall Mc 10 months ago

    Couldnt they have got their rewards and put them in their pv since they both have one?like while they were in the dungeon

  • Samiha 10 months ago

    try afk with minecart instead 😀

  • Kurniawan Wirodimedjo 10 months ago

    thats a beast armor kenny, good luck.

  • Keir Jamieson 10 months ago

    Pls do packtions

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