• Bob Marley 3 months ago

    You should make a flashback series were you go back to both brown hair and you’re oldest skin

  • Memo.Dile77 3 months ago

    Name the series Minecraft: The parallel World

  • Alex 4000 3 months ago



  • Emro TRT the red torch 3 months ago

    Dan: look i found a tuxedo rabbit
    me: thats a black rabbit dan

  • Jim PSX 3 months ago

    can u use shaders plz???

  • Im Aeuroh 3 months ago

    Call the series minecraft town

  • Get this channel to 1000 subs with no videos 3 months ago

    Special Comment 18273

  • Jarek Cieslak 3 months ago

    please play this more

  • Nikolaos Bouchikas 3 months ago

    I think you might be able to burn the beehive, but you might also burn the store…

  • rolando petisa 3 months ago

    What is aminals

  • Turtle Tazzy 3 months ago

    Dan you left the unicycle under water in a previous episode

  • Turtle Tazzy 3 months ago

    Dan: Do I have any kind of fence?
    Me: In your inventory Dan..
    Dan: I don’t but that is okay
    Me: WAIT WHAT DANNN * sighs *

  • THIS Guy 3 months ago

    Doki doki !!

  • Isabelle Miller 3 months ago

    Dan call it Rainbow Land

  • faner1306 3 months ago

    You dropped your unicycle in the ocean remember

  • Double V Gamer 3 months ago

    dan stole tuxedo from the rabbit

  • wutlololhi gregor 3 months ago

    dantdm whats 1 + 1 = idk ?????

  • luqman bakaruddin 3 months ago

    you should upgrade your sleeping place

  • luqman bakaruddin 3 months ago

    as the matter that you build that village that means you are a mayor

  • luqman bakaruddin 3 months ago

    but homeless

  • أسامة الحمادي 3 months ago

    Dan it’s the time to build your house

  • luqman bakaruddin 3 months ago

    at least upgrade your sleeping place DanTDM

  • Pugs will rule Thomas 3 months ago

    Ah finally dan you caught the rabbit I am so proud of you

    Aghhh The rabbits DEAD

  • denielle marie bustamante 3 months ago

    More subnautica

  • M&M 109 3 months ago

    DanTDM can you play the sims 4 again or any sims

  • Naphat Lamaimuang 3 months ago

    More subnautica and you can drink clean water at the goddess pond

    😀 Dan:Oh no,more dirty water
    Me:drink from Goddess pond

  • DerpFish 3 months ago

    The dan language
    Aminal- animal
    Make more words dan and we will have to make a dan dictionary

  • John Barrett 3 months ago

    More minecraft
    You had a fence already.

  • • sleepypop • 3 months ago

    If you’re a true fan of DanTDM, you should know what dan meant when he said “I’m stealin all their milk!”

  • Merjam Haider Ali 3 months ago

    You left your unicykle in the last videon

  • Gilbert Sta Maria 3 months ago

    I hope you get up to 30 million subscribers quick!

  • C11 Chillianne 3 months ago

    Call it harvest moon pls

  • Wayne Hartnell 3 months ago

    nnnnnnoooo por rabit r.i.p

  • Good Bye ICP 3 months ago


  • Good Bye ICP 3 months ago

    Dan Can You Play Save The Light A Steven Universe Game

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