• Itzyour GirlShanti 1 week ago

    The tittle

  • RepofolYT 1 week ago

    The fake Dame Tu Cosita Is spooking meh XD

  • princess luna 1 week ago

    Are diamond steve is real preston plz tell us are diamond steve real?!

  • Romina Birsa 1 week ago

    did someone saw dame tu cosita while u were cookin that chicken

  • Noah keane 1 week ago

    Yeah about that, saw him a lot you should probably look around on it

  • Romina Birsa 1 week ago

    omg he has sooooooo big eyes

  • TerraMaster YT 1 week ago

  • isaac mejia 1 week ago

    you just said a bad word!

  • KinkyTae V 1 week ago

    So disappointing .-.

  • MUTATED fox 1 week ago

    Yes please

  • SlamaWolfPlays 1 week ago

    Snap! This is going to my Cringe combinations

  • GamingNoobXD 1 week ago

    You pronounced it wrong

  • April Courty 1 week ago

    When you wer cocking chicken I saw him

  • sharp 1 week ago

    Can you just please stop its so clickbait

  • TheJeloCruz 109 1 week ago

    Dame Tu Cosita ahhhhhhhh a so ma’s ahhh

  • The random boy 1 week ago


  • AssassinKid 357 1 week ago

    At 7 minutes and 40 seconds through the vid there was a green player at the side of the screen

  • Emilia Feliz Bautista 1 week ago

    I saw some green person in the cave while he was cooking the chicken

  • TerraMaster YT 1 week ago

    hi unspeakable!!!

  • Yamileet Ortiz 1 week ago


  • Song Chin Quan 1 week ago

    Look at the tree

  • Amber Chive Cababaro 1 week ago


  • MeMyMoMa123 1 week ago

    give me your little thing

  • Tyler Baggott 1 week ago

    did anyone else see the green figure on the tree when he went to go mining

  • Cr!TiCaLyZ3 _YT 1 week ago

    I saw dame tu cosita while preston was cooking chicken in the left

  • PJ Is Epic831 1 week ago

    Skeptisismo ON searching for dame tu cosita

  • Leah Guimba 1 week ago

    i made this dame tu cosita song. Dame tu cosita Dame tu cosita oh oh Dame tu cosita Dame tu cosita.. thats the end of it if you guys like more you can just reapete it any way its a rap or something like fast so yeah!

  • Sow Heng Ng 1 week ago

    I saw it at 7.39

  • Elisabeth Graul-Feary 1 week ago

    Lol xd

  • Tanner Boi 1 week ago

    When he was cooking look on the left side

  • Mike Squirrell 1 week ago

    He is fake

  • Alnickson Gamerz 1 week ago


  • Android 13 1 week ago

    It’s pronounced Dam-eh tu Cosita

  • Kenneth Abegail Detuya 1 week ago

    Hahaha!!! :p

  • Super Playton 1 week ago

    My neighbor actually believed this was real, and tried to convince me.

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