• AJ WolfGirl 3 weeks ago

    Dan your amazing

  • TheCrystalKate McFan 3 weeks ago

    You should buy a shipment box a second one,two shipment boxes double gold!

  • Christ I Tru 3 weeks ago

    Googly Adventures😆😆

  • Joe Wilkinson 3 weeks ago

    I wuv u man

  • Tony Gonzales 3 weeks ago


  • vicar niel 3 weeks ago

    name it DIAMOND VALLEY! 😀

  • Mijoy 3 weeks ago

    How about just Minecraft Valley

  • Jonas Lapinskas 3 weeks ago

    Well maybe…village craft?

  • Jonas Lapinskas 3 weeks ago

    Or googly eyes craft!

  • Daud Dede Setia 3 weeks ago

    Name it mystic adventure

  • Jonas Lapinskas 3 weeks ago

    Cow craft!

  • ULTRAEPICGAMING // UEG 3 weeks ago

    call it TownCraft or MagicalCraft

  • Smiley Man 3 weeks ago

    I have a name Goooooglie eyes

  • Muhammad Shahaam Siddiqui 3 weeks ago

    mining one

  • Wonder Woman 3 weeks ago

    Money grows on plants that is what you should call it

  • Ugandan Knuckles 3 weeks ago

    Play geometry dash subzero

  • Wiggo B 3 weeks ago


  • Jack Laps 3 weeks ago

    call it the googly eye’s series

    ps i love your vdo’s i’ve been waching since 2013

  • Angel Perez 3 weeks ago


  • Wonder Woman 3 weeks ago

    You could create better watering cans!

  • carlthegamertv roblox gaming 3 weeks ago

    dan you should have name it (the minecraft adventure)

  • Prone Crowd54044 3 weeks ago

    I know this game its stardew valley

  • doit ads 3 weeks ago

    The Googly Town Series

  • gaming_vista Nerd 456 3 weeks ago

    Or you can call this minecraft adventure “googly eye Adventure”

  • Prone Crowd54044 3 weeks ago

    And DAN you can make your watering can cooper,silver or any item if buy the Blacksmith and you can find cooper or any ore if you buy a Mining hut from

  • Layla Sharkawi 3 weeks ago

    What about dan’s city

  • SuperShadow 3 weeks ago


  • Agent Creeper 3 weeks ago

    Name it Harvest Moon!!!!

  • Taaniyashre Jayabalan 3 weeks ago


  • Jessica Bonghanoy 3 weeks ago

    This is colest viedio ever

  • Aj Arce 3 weeks ago

    Call this series The Modded Survival Series or The Googly Eyes series

  • wong bun hao 3 weeks ago

    “I can’t actually remember how much i need to buy an *AMINAL*”

    Did he just said AMINAL?

    It should be ANIMAL

  • miney boy 3 weeks ago

    Stardew valley

  • Derpy Dumpling 3 weeks ago

    It’s stardew valley

  • German Shepherd Luvr 3 weeks ago

    You could call it “Let’s Play Random Town” maybe

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