• ExplodingTNT 1 week ago


  • JustPlaysHD gg 4 days ago

    If minecraft have laws and cops!!!

  • Youtuber Titin 4 days ago

    Minecraft would be my worst nightmare…

  • Divyash Kumar Sherwal 4 days ago

    Kick Liz

  • GreenBonnie109 SFM 4 days ago

    If Minecraft can go to space

  • Dark Seeker 4 days ago

    Hey exploding tnt make this video if trees and emeralds were removed from minecraft

  • BlizzardYT99 4 days ago

    Whos exited for exploding tnts voice!

  • SamNavgale42003 4 days ago

    Notch isn’t the owner of Minecraft anymore.
    Jeb/ Microsoft Studios
    I guess Jeb because he is the lead developer of Minecraft.

  • Ashrafur Rahman 4 days ago

    If every one was poor in minecraft

  • Rac RBLX 4 days ago

    If Nokia3310 added in Minecraft.

  • Kaitlyn Ng 4 days ago

    btw, where is “The Lost Space#2” ?

  • Manorin Gaming 4 days ago

    If players had girlfriend


    Do if butt took over Minecraft

  • Crazy Noob Gaming HD 4 days ago

    Sorry TNT That I Betrayed You..
    I made my Pro Pic… *NOTHIN*

  • Jakku Oniichan 4 days ago

    If dead bush tools exists

  • Jakku Oniichan 4 days ago

    If Endermen and players switched places

  • AmirEDU 45 4 days ago

    If traps were bannable!

    If coal was removed from MC!

    If MC had only golden ores!

  • Jakku Oniichan 4 days ago

    If Notch Removed tools in minecraft

  • northern finland mapping 4 days ago

    If you can create your own country in minecraft?

  • TheBowMaster - Raza 4 days ago

    If Notch Went To School

  • RAGILASTAMPAN 4 days ago

    If minecraft was a survival zombie apocalypse game

  • Teh_Peter_Greek78 4 days ago

    Do if villagers dimension was added to minecraft!!!!!!!PLZ

  • Doritos Master 4 days ago

    If Uganda knuckles added

  • Straighty 4 days ago

    If Laptops/Computers were added to minecraft.
    I’d love to see it.

  • DEEPAK SIDDHARTH 4 days ago

    please include other games lay vidios

  • Deependra Netam 4 days ago

    Mincraft is war game

  • Testing Channel 05 4 days ago

    I SENT THIS TO DANTDM USING EMAIL LOL danmiddleton@hotmail.com

  • Tania Pro 4 days ago

    song in 03:01???

  • p3 the firdumdumpig 4 days ago


  • Prof. Craft 4 days ago

    If Minecraft asteroid hit Minecraft earth

  • Golden Hero 4 days ago

    Do if you need to stand on your checkpoint to disconnect

  • Caleb Kei 4 days ago

    Hey explodingtnt I’m new to the channel
    Can you do:
    If explodingtnt played geometry dash

  • the amazing dude Gonzales 4 days ago

    If a new mod was added named the floors is lava

  • Underverse cross ITA 4 days ago

    Minecraft… Let’s start!! *5000 minebux to walk* WTF!! MINECRAFT SUCKS NOW!!! XDD

  • Tania Pro 4 days ago

    If lions were added to minecraft!!!!?!

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