• ExplodingTNT 2 weeks ago

    Imagine playing Minecraft with no hands…
    Thanks for watching 😀

  • Ashley Cates 2 weeks ago

    if cats took over minecraft lololololololololololollolololololololololollollolol

  • PoeticStudios 2 weeks ago
  • Christina Boulos 2 weeks ago

    Bad boys vs bad girls part 1/2

  • Chea Chea 2 weeks ago

    If player have no leg

  • Oscar Wahlman 2 weeks ago

    If survival mode was removed from minecraft

  • ender sam 2 weeks ago

    do if players dont have legs plz

  • Loni Loud 2 weeks ago

    Lol 4:57

  • Loni Loud 2 weeks ago

    Please don’t love this comment

  • Thomaz 2 weeks ago

    6:57 Look more like a penis…

  • Norafidah lahimin 2 weeks ago


  • Deejay777 gamer11 2 weeks ago

    1:41 1980’s laugh is here!

  • YoMaMas Mc 2 weeks ago

    if no blocks in mincraft

  • Deejay777 gamer11 2 weeks ago

    10:05 3:02 5:01 9:54 9:21 0:53

  • Deejay777 gamer11 2 weeks ago

    1:47 keep pressing it

  • MemeGuest 1337 2 weeks ago

    no hands human GREATEST ENEMY

    [deep water]

  • Mis Mija 2 weeks ago

    If players have no heads

  • SuperGayCherry LOL 2 weeks ago

    What if lamas was removed in the real world
    (They won’t even know they existed)

  • Is Kandar 2 weeks ago

    if minecraft had a bad graphics

  • Menna Fouad 2 weeks ago

    If the players had one girl to love

  • For your fun 2 weeks ago

    If explodingtnt rule minecraft

  • Karl Sasota 2 weeks ago

    Tnt if you’re mother plays minecraft

  • AHAS Pepura 2 weeks ago

    If minecraft dont have dirt

  • Tapan Paul 2 weeks ago

    If we had no hands

  • Tech Rider 891 2 weeks ago

    If furnitures add in minecraft

  • Dai Animation 2 weeks ago

    Of players have no legs

  • ITZGian Gamer 2 weeks ago

    If dogs were added

  • Shawn M. Mangundap Mangundap 2 weeks ago


    Illuminati Confirmed

  • Puppy Lover 2 weeks ago

    Do “if pizza took over Minecraft”

  • X22 5 2 weeks ago

    I thought peeing enderman was going to show up at the pool

  • Rohaida Yusof 2 weeks ago

    I think u must make if creeper had arms

  • Cliff Harvey Gamer 2 weeks ago

    If you have no legs in minecraft

  • Ninja Malaysia 2 weeks ago

    what if dabs was added in minecraft

    p/s:added dantdm to stop dabs

    he dabs police

  • Alex The Great 2 weeks ago

    How do The Creeper opened the Mojang Office Door if he doesnt had Hands lol Logic

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