• Joseph Rodriguez 3 months ago

    Did any of you notice the third person named tbstewa playing with them

  • pokemon master123 3 months ago

    Yes you have Preston on red vs blue with rob

  • Elle Cottam 3 months ago

    2 days ago

  • Exotic Pandalover9753 3 months ago

    Kenny sucks at parkour!!! 🙁
    Preston is a parkour god people!!

  • Gavin Nighbor pokèmon and More 3 months ago

    How many signs were there in the map?

  • Caylee Humble 3 months ago

    Hi person looking at the comments I hope you have i wonderful day stay strong don’t give up😋

  • Snuzzbuzz 3 months ago


  • Gelexia Melndieas 3 months ago

    I guess Kenny is moving to Texas because you got 17K likes. (Even More Than You Asked For)

  • Jellyfam Jeffrey 3 months ago

    Hey I’m new to preston

  • Martha Esquivel 3 months ago

    prestens eyes are ugly af

  • Sub4sub to 100 subs 3 months ago

    Hey guys do you want free subs
    Step 1 go to my channel
    Step 2 sub to me
    Step 3 replay and say done
    And boom now I will sub to you with my 10 accounts and boom subs

  • Ritzan Elliott 3 months ago

    Stop calling us gentiles

  • NeXuS ッ 3 months ago

    Kenny is in the Christmas spirit!

    *or not*

  • Ami sumey 3 months ago

    Do a parkour whith DanTDM

  • Owen Wrigjt 3 months ago

    Git cosmic pvp too change back to the normal style

  • CraftingOfGames Luis 3 months ago

    Im A Fan Of You Preston!!!!!

  • Corrie Wheatcroft 3 months ago


  • Cole Coffey 3 months ago

    cooooooooooooooooool bra i want your merch

  • Endermando_ Commando_ 3 months ago

    I have never seen this before. I WILL POST THE LINK TO THE RED VS BLUE HERE.

  • Peggy Reynon 3 months ago

    I celebrate Christmas but happy honika

  • Scott Faurholm 3 months ago

    Guess who’s back, back, back. Back again gain gain.
    He’s got a friend, friend, friend.
    His name is Ken, Ken, Ken,

  • WineWitch777 3 months ago


  • The Gaming Dorito 3 months ago

    Not first cause stop that fucking bullshit first means nothing the bottom of the comments is first cause that’s when the video started

  • Hope Yt 3 months ago


  • HeadphonesDude 3 months ago

    6:59 *gibberish*

  • Gabby Gonzalez 3 months ago

    Preston:You so…s..bad

  • Saatvik Sharma 3 months ago

    He mostly uses dantdm in his thumbnail why??😊😊

  • makeup artist 3 months ago

    Yay I know I’m watching this to late but its now cjristmasneve where I live

  • MarioMaster146 3 months ago

    The ladder with fences above and below has been used for a long time


    did you know there was another person in there when they were in level 7.his name was tbstewa

  • ThomasIsSad 3 months ago

    Is Preston friends with AcidicBlitzz????? If not, why isn’t he?

  • KillerGlitcher 3 months ago

    guess who’s back (back) back again Kenny’s back tell a friend kenny’s back kenny’s back kenny’s back kenny’s back kenny’s back THE END

  • ανδριανα αντωνοπουλου 3 months ago

    smile time 10 bilion likes

  • Get Rekt Gaming Presents 3 months ago

    preston i bought your christmas stocking its soft like you said and it came before christmas thank you so much 🙂

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