• Logdotzip 3 months ago

    Hey everyone! This is the 4th episode of MNU, and we have been taking in a lot of your feedback! As always we appreciate any feedback! Please keep sending your awesome community challenges and awesome builds!

  • DewsJaz 3 months ago

    Oooh~ I hope it releases in April 1

  • Cyborg 124 3 months ago

    Minecraft 1.13 is released ?

  • TheOnlyMrCat 3 months ago

    10:24 I don’t think that’s what they meant by “TNT Launcher”

  • Glichy_Pixel Videos 3 months ago

    OH……. GOD……… WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? I…… LIKE TURTLES (and tortoises)

  • TheTitanGiant 3 months ago

    Survive a night (or more!) with permanent Blindness I and Strength I. You can spend one day gathering materials without the nerfs. You are NOT allowed to use torches, glowstone or any other form of light. Play on hardcore difficulty, and if you sleep, you obviously lose. You are not allowed to kill animals (that’s animal cruelty) for food (I suggest apples as a source of nourishment).

  • Koloude 3 months ago


  • kurt stick animaton 3 months ago

    Are you a minecraft keemstar

  • Noob Tube 3 months ago

    Was that Shubble holding the poster?!?!?

  • R E V E R S E Studio 3 months ago


  • Globby Likes Slime 3 months ago

    Hey Logdotzip! I like the new show! Great content and great editing. Only thing ide change is less hand motions. But you dont have to listen to me, do what you want man, just keep up the quality content!

  • Ace Da Gamer 3 months ago

    try to beat minecraft on hardcore

  • Kawaii Cupcake 3 months ago

    Try makin a 20×20 piston door and nave you fall into a minecart and travel using slime blocks over lava.

  • GamersOnVideos 3 months ago

    pretty sure notch isnt allowed to make a game called minecraft 2 because he sold it

  • swordskiller 3 months ago

    He isnt making a minecraft 2.

  • Erik Ekenberg 3 months ago

    please do a 255 rev fusion psuedonuke

  • TechnicalDino 123 3 months ago

    Build yourself

  • blahblahblah 3 months ago

    you’ve evolved alot since i left you ayy i miss watching you 🙂 man keep doing what you like, or do what you like man you seem like a great person, love dude

  • Tsuchikure-Kun 3 months ago

    wuw… u watch unspeakable huh?

  • Burnt BrownieZ 3 months ago

    wow *full detail* in minecraft

    never seen it before

  • Cheery Kawaii 3 months ago

    Hey is that why 1.13 won’t come?

  • DaGamingArea 3 months ago

    Well Minecraft went coocoo 🐦

  • Notch is making a new game but it’s not minecraft 2 , it was pretty clear that notch hated that minecraft became what we know today, don’t you minecraft youtubers bring kids into a possible good and mature game

  • Stupid Weeb 3 months ago

    he cant make a minecraft 2

  • ZEX Oneeyed 3 months ago

    We’re gonna have to wait until 1.99 before Minecraft 2.0 comes out, i couldn’t wait for 2.0 and then they trolled us w 1.10. main reason I don’t play Minecraft any more

  • Kitty Calico 3 months ago

    for some reason I thought Notch had died

  • Delta 8960 3 months ago

    EA incoming..

  • Mr.Adam Sasson 3 months ago

    Minecraft will die if notch will do it…

  • Crossbones/BAZINGABOII 3 months ago

    Wait. You’re still relevant?

  • KittenDragon Cat 3 months ago

    Wait wait wait, so can i go to the thing in London through my last name? Haha….Haha….ha……….ha….

    My last name joke never gets old…

    Help me…😵

  • THMcrafting Gaming 3 months ago

    minecraft is for 3year olds

  • Oakeave Kashi 3 months ago

    Dat shirt luks litty, brah…

  • i hope this new game is available on steam :<

  • XDVarox 3 months ago

    i love the way you slide that merch advertisement in

  • Annette Holmes 3 months ago

    when u do new on the block u should show the block of the week!

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