• Earth Destroyer 1 week ago

    Hey Jerome, can you make a JeromeASF GTA 5 channel or something like that because your GTA vids are so funny and i think other people will enjoy it

  • Jaehyun Woo 1 week ago

    Make a civilization with the clay soldiers

  • Nickthehuman 1 week ago

    All of the old and great Minecraft channels are dead. R.I.P

  • ItzCheezzy 1 week ago

    Jerome if KSI and Jake Paul actually fight who would you want to win and did you watch KSI vs Joe Weller did you want KSI to win?

  • Fun Gamer 1 week ago

    4:34 i dont think anyone is gonna try this mod out😂😂

  • Alex Carter 1 week ago

    Jake Paul versus the ended Dragon who is the real boss

  • Aron108 1 week ago

    I’m just waiting for that video that says “I’m stopping Minecraft”

  • ThunderStar Mlp 1 week ago

    Jerome noDon’t do this again

  • Beans and random people/friends 1 week ago

    why is the stream so short

  • Sherell Watson 6 days ago

    He said WAD A DOS

  • Aydin Herak 6 days ago


  • Josh T. 6 days ago

    screw Jake paul. KSI for life

  • Riot KingZzz 6 days ago

    Your channel is dying

  • acethebomb 2.0 6 days ago

    what happened to ark

  • Shawn Sea 6 days ago

    Logan will beat the blackness off of CSI and jake will do the same to deji

  • Ryan Mooney 6 days ago

    going to be honest I don’t like jake paul but I like jerome

  • The cool dude Joyner 6 days ago

    Is this a mod review!

  • Aidan Olson 6 days ago

    Ha can you do more bloon battles jarome?;):)

  • Yung Wej 6 days ago

    I miss jerome 🙁

  • wizardofwar 04 6 days ago

    Ur not fighting jake Paul ur fighting jp the balld guy

  • Tyler Swaim 6 days ago

    EAT MY MONEY jack would say

  • Jum Per 6 days ago

    omg get some free money guys!!

  • Abhiram Gudimella 6 days ago

    This feels like a throwback to when u didnt have a web cam

  • simpo linas 6 days ago

    Next video he fights KSI

  • Matthew Ludwig 6 days ago

    They are actualy taking on jp

  • Steven Bear 6 days ago

    I wouldn’t use the word awesome to describe the command

  • TorinPlayzMC 6 days ago

    most obnoxious boss EVER!!!!

  • Liam Scarrott 6 days ago

    Age of empires please

  • Elliott Wallis 6 days ago

    Biffle had his diamond boots on

  • GTOboi211 6 days ago

    The Paul’s are garbage.

  • xXlego Guy 6 days ago


  • NoAh ThE pRaNkEr 5 days ago

    He bif say Honda prius

  • Anonymous Anonymous 5 days ago

    Tired of feeling too optimistic about your small time YouTube channel? Leave a comment and I’ll make fun of your videos.

  • joe El-Sabag 5 days ago

    free Minecraft codes

  • Flaming Nutshells 5 days ago

    Dude I remember watching your vids since the first cops and robbers

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